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The surprise moments or How to help the child to try to obtain success in life?

of Cali and a bike - a marathon

When to Kali were about 3 years, she went to kindergarten which was part of school. And at school the bike - a marathon among pupils 3 classes was annually carried out and is more senior which purpose was to raise money for arrangement of school. I was a member of parental committee, and offered that children of younger age took part too and schools could make the contribution to the common cause. Organizers a bike - a marathon agreed and developed system which allowed younger children to take part in a marathon and to achieve success.

The route of long about 3 kilometers was developed for children of advanced age. And for three-year-old kids organizers prepared a small circle of long about 150 meters. The only rule was that they had to go on something or push something on wheels, for example, a carriage.

When preschool children began a bike - a marathon, all parents were very proud for the children. But I have to admit that we did not expect that they will pass much before will withdraw. But all of us were wrong and were struck with results. As each child reached the finish, having passed completely all circle! And on the finish they were joyfully met by adults, congratulating and in every possible way encouraging their persistence and a victory! It was good support for each child, and they knew that they can pass also one more circle.

As a result of distance which were passed by these young people really were considerable. The best was washing 3 - summer Kali who passed on a plastic tricycle Hot wheels 18 ½ kilometers! All of us were struck with it, and also how other racers passed much. The school raised a lot of money thanks to kids as most of parents assumed that they will pass a little and many agreed to present to school from 10 to 20 dollars for kilometer, expecting that they will pass no more than 2 - 3 kilometers. We were mistaken!!! I forgot how many I precisely promised to pay for each kilometer, but it was pleasant to me to give to school a lot of money, based on that how many my Kali passed.

Today, 27 years later when I tell about it, I am still surprised, as well as then!

Ya understood my supervision, the praise and support is how valuable to help the children to try to obtain success and to achieve the objectives in life. I was also once again convinced, it was how important to provide the principle of gradualness, the correct level of complexity with which my children could cope. As a result they could achieve the objectives, win and if the task was too difficult, then it would seem to them it is impracticable and they could not achieve success.

As often we underestimate what our children are really capable of because we agree with truth other people who are more focused on restrictions than on opportunities. How many the surprise moments we test - not only when our children try to obtain something and when we underestimated before what they are really capable of and when they exceed our expectations - we are amazed!

You estimate the valid potential and abilities of your child, expect from him the best. And when it does something better, than the best, then comes the moment of true surprise.

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