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Where to find an original gift? Silver of Kubachi

In life is always the place to holidays - both official, and family, and very personal. And for holidays on long ago the developed tradition can give gifts. Hours-long round of shops not always comes to an end successfully: despite abundance of goods to pick up a good gift happens not easy, especially if there is a wish for something unusual, smart and useful rolled into one.

And all - is quite solved problem. You have an opportunity to get an original silver handiwork of Kubachi which will pleasantly surprise the hero of the occasion and will leave nobody indifferent. Christening, birthday, anniversary, a wedding or a wedding anniversary - for any significant event at us it is possible to pick up a suitable gift.

Curative properties of silver are known already many centuries. Ancient Romans and Greeks for water purification used silver capacities. Pioneers of the American prairies, to prolong period of storage of milk, threw into it silver coins. Doctors and sorcerers always used various compounds of silver as drugs. The modern science confirmed that ions of this precious metal possess the disinfecting properties. Over time silver became traditional material for production of various ware, this tradition is live and until now.

You will find table silver in our shop for all occasions - for a gift, for festive table layout, for daily use. It is the most refined and functional gift to newlyweds as a sign of origin of a new family with the traditions. And on a silver wedding even the custom orders to give objects from silver. Exclusive services and sets of table silver of Kubachi - an excellent gift which will reflect both distinguished taste of the donator, and his deep respect for heroes of the occasion! Such things surely will become the real family relic which will be descended, from generation to generation, never losing the value as a symbol of prosperity and fortress of conjugal ties.

The choice of silver ware of Kubachi is very broad: silver shot glasses, glasses, glasses, salad bowls and konfetnitsa, jugs and decanters, services for alcoholic drinks and for tea and coffee, Turks, teapots, jugs, samovars, vases, spoons, dishes, trays and many other things. And all these products are made manually by the best experts, differ in exclusive design, are relieved of sample repetition. Thus, your gift acquired from us anyway will be magnificent and unique.

On the one hand, the majority of these silver products can be considered as the unique works of art capable to decorate with itself our life. And on the other hand, table silver carries out also purely medical function, peeling drinks and food of bacteria that with success was used by the aristocracy in the Middle Ages.

led environmental pollution Now to the fact that the use of water from - under the crane is undesirable. Doctors recommend to purify drinking water and cookings surely in addition. The silver ionizer of water successfully carries out function of such cleaning, relieving liquid of salts of heavy metals, harmful microorganisms. At the same time it saturates water with the silver which is well influencing a human body in general. It is a remarkable gift for all who care for the health - inexpensive, but very useful.

And what it is possible to present to the man - darling, the father, the brother, the head? From an extreme antiquity in the east there was a custom to hand as a gift to the grown-up young man a silver dagger that meant recognition of its growing and courage. Over time the dagger lost such symbolical value, but still remained the stylish man`s accessory representing respectability and self-sufficiency. Today a silver dagger or a saber - a magnificent gift for the real man! The souvenir weapon of Kubachi are the elite handiwork executed in the best traditions of the past. Will also pleasantly surprise with the grace and original execution silver flasks, cigarette cases, lighters and card holders. Even the modest horseshoe for luck looks the real masterpiece.

Each person has ideas of an ideal gift, but in one all are uniform - it has to be beautiful, memorable and necessary. Our products executed by talented masters meet all these requirements and will satisfy any taste. The ware and products from precious metals were always considered as a sign of aristocratism and never get out of fashion. For this reason if you want to present an unforgettable original gift - glance in our shop. The wide range and a possibility of the order on the Internet will allow to save considerably time and will relieve you of wearisome shopping. Give to relatives an exclusive!