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It is focused - they give struzhechny plates, what advantages during construction and repair?

In the Russian market among new modern construction materials there was a finishing material having the mass of useful properties not so long ago. It is focused - a struzhechny plate which united features of plywood and a chipboard and got, thereby, additional advantages.

This modern sheet material is used in Europe for construction of houses for a long time, and also for internal and external finishing. A big variety by the sizes and thickness allows to choose the necessary option is focused - a struzhechny plate for construction or repair.

For external finishing take moisture resistant panels 15 - 18 mm thick, for the draft floor stacked on concrete it is enough 9 - mm, under roofing material put 16 - mm moisture resistant plates.

It is focused - a struzhechny plate - excellent construction material for construction of internal walls and partitions. It is rather easy and possesses defined zvuko-and thermal insulation. It can safely be used in nurseries thanks to high environmental friendliness, lack of components harmful to health and not susceptibility to rotting. Moreover, durability it is focused - struzhechny plates exceed durability of a chipboard twice.

Installation of panels is rather simple for those who have no special skills. Plates can be sawn, cut, ground and drilled the ordinary joiner`s tool.

In comparison with a chipboard and plywood it is focused - the struzhechny plate has a number of advantages. It is not subject to stratification at the edges as a plywood leaf and does not crumble as edges of a chipboard. Nails and screws to keep in the thickness of a plate strong though on them suspend a chandelier or book shelves.

On a scope it is focused - struzhechny a plate (SMALLPOX) are marked by figures from 1 to 4. So, SMALLPOX - 1 does not differ in moisture resistance and durability and is suitable for furniture facades. SMALLPOX - 2 goes on interroom partitions and internal finishing in dry rooms. The most universal in construction and repair - SMALLPOX - 3. These sheets are strong and moisture resistant. They are used for external facing of walls, draft floors, by the bases for laying of roofing material on a roof. SMALLPOX - 4 apply to construction of external walls and creation of a reusable timbering.

It is focused - struzhechny plates happen polished, laminated, varnished and rabbeted for laying of the big areas and surfaces. Natural color of a plate - from light-yellow to saturated brown.

From practice of application it is focused - struzhechny plates It should be noted that for interroom overlappings sheets fix in two layers between which stack the soundproofing material. On perimeter it is required to leave a gap in 6 - 10 mm as the linear sizes of plates can change under the influence of fluctuations of temperature.

It is necessary to leave a gap also at installation of interroom partitions. Their finishing begins with hard putty of tiled joints and the subsequent primer. Paint on it is focused - struzhechny plates can be put also without primer, but then it it will be required more.

Cost it is focused - struzhechny plates depends on the producer of plates (Latvia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Canada and the USA), their brand and the size. Production of such plates is arranged also Russia.

New modern construction materials favourably differ on the qualities from traditional.