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Complex for the women who decided to increase a breast by means of exercises. We Will begin

with several important points which the women who decided to increase the breast by means of exercises need to know. Often women, coming to occupations, think that exercises will increase their mammary glands, confusing concepts of a breast and concept of mammary glands. In mammary glands just there are no muscles which can be increased, at them other structure is perfect. The breast of the woman is a complex of both mammary glands, and directly chest muscles. And so, to increase glands differently as in the surgical way it is impossible, they are determined by the nature, and to here increase, tighten, make a relief of chest muscles really. Naturally, it both will raise a breast, and will increase its volume of a breast in general, will give it a tone, effective appearance.

And the second point to which I want to pay your attention in a subject of exercises for increase in a breast. It is known that muscles of chest muscles very big and rather strong and that they grew, and the volume of a breast increased, rather serious occupations and loadings are necessary. On the Internet of the woman read that for increase in a breast it is enough 3 - 4 elementary exercises, and in few months also come to fitness - the center absolutely without spirit for serious work, thinking that on exercise machines - that their breast will grow by leaps and bounds. I agree, the breast tone can be supported by several exercises, but to increase volume - no. Therefore if you are really adjusted to increase a breast by means of exercises, prepare for loadings. And what is the correct loadings? The correct loadings in our case are when breast muscles after occupation (or next day) slightly hurt. The matter is that muscles increase and grow only when load of them much more usual, and easy pain just and demonstrates that impact on a muscle was sufficient.

About the frequency of occupations. Every day to be engaged in exercises for increase in a breast of sense any is not present, muscles grow just when have a rest after loading. 3 times a week will be enough.

Of course, in fitness - the center the instructor will explain everything to you and will show all exercises, me asked to tell what exercises for increase in a breast can be done houses. And at once council - lovely women, do not use thick books as loading as recommend the Internet - advisers. Really for the sake of a beautiful breast it is worth feeling sorry for two hundred rubles? If is not present, you descend in shop (or ask the man), let will buy you a folding dumbbell of kilograms on 7 - 10, and it is better two.

A set of exercises for increase in volume of a breast Any complex begins

with warm-up including system of exercises for increase in a breast. Warm-up is urged to knead and pull muscles, to warm them that during occupation and work with weight you had no injuries. It is not necessary to think out special exercises for warm-up - remember how you warmed up at physical education classes, and five minutes of vigorous warm-up under music to you will be enough.

of Loading to increase a breast, go from small to big, gradually.

East . First exercise. the breast muscles, to give them a tone allowing to increase. Sit down on a chair with a direct back or get up about a wall. It is important that the back was pressed to a flat surface, otherwise her muscles will undertake part of exercise, and it is necessary for us that the breast worked.

Connect palms before a breast. Press on a palm with such force that breast muscles strained enough. Count up to ten and remove palms of centimeters on five forward, again consider to ten, then still forward and again the account to 10 until you are able to hold palms together. After that unclench palms, stir up hands and two more times repeat exercise at first. I notice that your attention in exercise has to be directed not to palms, and on a breast, muscles of a breast have to be always most strained.

Wall . Very good exercise for the house. Get up in a doorway and rest hands against a jamb. You press forward, as if trying to shift a wall, within a minute, then bend in an aperture a little to increase pressure upon a breast, and you press one more minute. It is necessary to press very much that muscles of a breast received real loading.

The Wall - 2 . Exercise is same, only costs not in an aperture, and directly at a wall, press palms on a wall. To accept a pose as men push the got stuck car, it is not necessary, in this case all load of a back. Stand exactly, will work then breast muscles, and it and is necessary for us. 3 approaches for 2 minutes.

Skier . No, skis will not be necessary for you. Take in hand dumbbells (well or books) and repeat the movements as if you make a start two sticks at the same time. The back is direct. Here nuance - if the skier needs to do it as soon as possible, then as it is possible for you more slowly. From a hip slowly, without breakthrough you raise outstretched arms with dumbbells up, to breast level, you fix for couple of seconds then you do not throw, and also slowly you lower. Quantity - 3 approaches on 6 repetitions.

Push-ups from a floor . To describe, I think, it is not necessary. The best house exercise for increase in a breast, at the same time it serves as an indicator of in what tone your muscles and a breast. That the breast was as it should be, it is necessary to be wrung out at a time 20 times. He agrees, and few times it is difficult to some women to be wrung out, but everything is good in its season. If you only begin occupations, do the first two weeks only twenty push-ups for occupation, irrespective of the number of approaches. Further number of push-ups leave former, and reduce the number of approaches.

Press . It is difficult to execute the correct press in house conditions, but this exercise the most important for increase in chest muscles, and we will do so - lay down on a floor, in hands of a dumbbell, a hand at a breast. Strain a breast and lift dumbbells exactly up, lower and at once lift again. It is necessary to lift dumbbells eight times - if you lift less, the weight of a dumbbell needs to be reduced, it is more than eight times - to increase, that is to pick up weight so that the seventh - the eighth time rose with noticeable work. 3 approaches on eight presses.

Push-ups from a chair . Get up a back to a chair, rest against it hands, legs extend forward at an angle 30 - 45 degrees. Bending hands, lower a body down and come back to a starting position. To make 6 - 8 times, 3 approaches.

Distributing . Exercise stretches muscles, gives to a breast the beautiful form. Sit down on a chair, a back direct, in dumbbell hands before a breast, elbows are bent and pressed to sides. Without tearing off elbows from sides, 8 times part hands as much as possible in the parties, pull muscles. Doly tear off elbows from a body and you part - you cramp hands, at the same time the hand continues to be bent in an elbow at right angle. 2 times on 12 stains.

Extension . Attention, an extension at the end of occupation it is necessary to relax muscles, to calm an organism. Use exercise wall but you do not press, and just hang for a while on hands. You can also just stand and take dumbbells in the lowered hands.

It is also the real set of exercises which will allow you to increase a breast and to give it a new tone.