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Whatever one may do or strategic monitoring

Author: Sergey Gulyaev.

Any strategy begins with monitoring. And to monitoring as experts speak, learn according to Hegel. And to our to the ship (see the article Upside down... in No. 5 (9) of the " magazine; I am a head ) the compass and the card is necessary. Beginning conversation on monitoring, we will give some axioms of management.

We know only two things About the future: the first is that it is unknown, and the second - it can differ from the present and from our today`s expectations.

In these statements there is nothing new and special. But from them it is possible to draw far-reaching conclusions:

- any attempt to base today`s actions on forecasts of future events is useless. The best that we can make, it to expect results of events which already occurred;

- but just because future cannot be predicted, it is possible to make so that unpredictable and unexpected occurred. To try to create the future is risky, but this rational action. And it less risky, than to stay in pleasant belief that nothing will change, or to work according to forecasts of the fact that has to to happen and has to be favorable .

Peter Druker. Effective management.

to develop strategy, it is necessary to understand what occurs and to have sufficient information for decision-making. It is obvious. However how to be if data on a condition of external environment are very inconsistent, or you as the person responsible for the organization of monitoring receive daily mutually exclusive data on events which happen and are related to your business. There is a question of how all - to structure, or as speak, to split a flow of information on the taking place events and to isolate those which can influence the changes projected by you. Practically all business - schools recommend to apply PEST - the analysis (Policy, Economy, Society, Technology), and today this analysis became part of regular management of many companies.

We will try to glance more deeply in the principles and procedures of strategic monitoring.

First what experts speak about, - pattern techniques of monitoring do not exist. It is quite clear and obvious as the taking place events in external environment and the arriving flow of information cannot be processed by one filter for all organizations. Therefore the question of how to create this filter, and is monitoring art.

Second, obligatory use of techniques of the system analysis. And here, as experts specify, not to do without Hegel`s dialectics. Acquaintance to the system analysis is extremely necessary for the expert as laws of dialectics are the cornerstone of the principles of splitting of information.

The third, monitoring has to be carried out continuously, it is not a single action on research of the market as information processing time after its collecting can longer last, than it is necessary for decision-making. With the correct step it is possible just to be late.

At last, the fourth, monitoring has to be purposeful. It is impossible to collect and process information for the sake of the process. In this case the distinct understanding is necessary that the collected and processed information is necessary for decision-making, both in the short term, and in long-term aspect when it is required to trace a condition of the analyzed object for a long time.

Now we will return to practical aspect of monitoring. Specially employed expert has to be engaged in monitoring of the environment. Often procedure of monitoring is divided among themselves by security service and service of marketing. Running forward, it should be noted that modern approaches to management assume existence of the division which is specially allocated for these purposes and the budget (however, about it is in the following numbers YaR).

Practically the expert dealing with issues of strategic monitoring needs to construct a subsystem of monitoring at the enterprise, having performed several consecutive operations (at the same time we will not forget about system approach when all elements of our model are connected with each other).

Here is how the chain of consecutive steps of process of monitoring can look: Statement of the purpose - a task of the system principles - a task of borders of external environment and its splitting - the choice of components of external environment for monitoring

- the choice of a method - realization of a method and the analysis of data - providing information for decision-making .

Behind each of these positions there is a creativity, science and practice. Therefore, dear friends, - dare.

Several words about information sources. There is no sense to dream. Any information sufficient for decision-making, it is possible to gather from open sources. The main thing - to put the necessary filters.

Here also all secret of strategic monitoring is covered. Let`s give several examples.

Here is how our colleagues, Aleksandra Gvozdenko and Yuli Gorshkov tell about application of strategic monitoring. Considering the fact that we rather long time were engaged and engaged in branding, strategic monitoring became part of our daily activity. In 2006 we were engaged in branding of one of the leading distribution networks of household appliances and electronics. Before approaching a visualization stage, we needed to find out the most important question: why the consumer buys and consumes household appliances and electronics? For the first time we as marketing specialists and brendmeyker, departed from standard quantitative cliches of research of the market: it is that quantity, it is age consumes such - goods. It stopped being the main thing, the qualitative analysis of consumer behavior was required for us. After three months of work we answered a question of why and as there is a consumption. We for this purpose used deep interview. Results surpassed all expectations: to the consumer not only the fact of purchase of goods at determined price was important, dialogue with the buyer regarding use of equipment in life was necessary. We have heard plenty of such colourful stories about finishing of houses, apartments that in further sketches of a brand there were no doubts. Further development of a brand was for us just a trick .

The businessman trading in the Petrovsky market shared one more supervision with us. He noted that the peak of sales in 1999 - 2003 corresponded to dates of issue of a salary on JSC NLMK . Rather interesting supervision.

One of directors of travel agency told us history of the monitoring: At the end of January and in the middle of May we carry out address mailing of offers to have a rest in elite resorts. Addressees are teachers of higher education institutions. Such idea came to my mind when my spouse, rather occupied person, suddenly could not pass examination in one of higher education institutions.... Further comments, I think, are excessive .

All these examples indicate one important part of strategic monitoring - behavior of consumers. All the matter is that it is not always rational, it is rather - on the contrary - it is irrational therefore it is extremely necessary to study and monitor behavior if you want to resist and survive in competitive fight. And to operate consumer behavior, providing effective management of the company - aerobatics of strategic management.

Summing up the results, we will specify our recommendations to those heads who want to make the future of the enterprise operated.

* Strategic management begins with creation of strategic monitoring in the company. Define an ultimate goal of monitoring. You remember, it always konechen, as well as strategy.

* Set environment borders. It is impossible to study all processes in society for the sake of processes. Here the knowledge of the system analysis will be required. Try to define what processes in the environment at which change of a state, can exert impact on position of your company, either that process, or the project which is object of the analysis.

* Try to enter the own qualifier of the environment (or as it is accepted to speak, a splitting sign) on which you will carry out the analysis. Do not hesitate in imaginations. As a rule, the most unexpected signs of classification are the most effective. by

* Choose a method of collection of information and the analysis. You remember, for 95% all information contains in open sources. Art of strategic monitoring in that also consists to isolate what is necessary in the shortest possible time. During supervision do not change system of indicators, otherwise you do not obtain information for decision-making. Change of system of indicators will bring confusion in the analysis.

* Process information also present it to the management for decision-making. Information should be provided visually that beat the logic of research is visible. At the same time throw out nothing in a basket and do not install excess filters. Primary documentation on interview, record of interview, the analysis of the press, articles on the Internet - have to be presented in primary sources.

Despite visible complexity of strategic monitoring, it is necessary to carry out it all the same if to you as to the head, not indifferently future your organization. - do not save the only wish and you suffer. Without monitoring - anywhere.