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Expensive watch - mad expenditure of money or favorable investment into the life?

Expensive watch is bought by squanderers?

you sometime bought expensive watch, for example, for 50 thousand rubles? Dial, two arrows, thong. On such money it is possible to buy 3 mobile phones - they are able to show time too. Phone can replace the camera and a player. From phone it is possible to go on-line and even to watch the movie! Unless hours all this are able?! Let`s understand what they are capable of.

Three brand new phones against some mechanics

Purchase of expensive car, say, BMWS X5 are an investment? Does not come to mind that you waste money? Of course, no. In - the first, it is a contribution to the status. Partners and subordinates, neighbors and friends absolutely in a different way look at you. Girls on the street see off you in a car languid eyes. In - the second, you care for yourself, for the wife and for children. Expensive car - it is safe, it is convenient. And how BMW X5 and expensive watch are connected?

Earlier lack of expensive watch did not disturb you? It does not mean what so will be always.

Present that you arrived on old " Zhiguli; on an important business meeting and business - partners saw yours " carriage;. Of course, then you will be able to prove the solvency, to try to convince interlocutors, but the deposit will remain. And then, as on a chain - mistrust, bias

With hours a situation similar. Representatives of certain circles learn brand of hours as easily as you distinguish BMW X5 from Five " Zhiguli;. Old it is possible to leave a car round the corner, and hours will be seen how do not hide them in a sleeve. Cheap remark? Even 3 mobile phones and absence of hours will not correct a situation. The probability is high that partners will take time that once again to weigh everything and to consider. The pause can drag on for years.

To meet the person on hours is a stereotype! To it hundreds of years, therefore it so strong that you not in forces to change it. It is far more favorable to exploit it. What? Abramovich wears unpretentious watch? Certainly. It is so known that such tricks only stirs interest in itself. And when last time wrote about you in Kommersant ?

In your case cheap hours, as well as the inexpensive car, can play a dirty trick.

the BMW X5 Engine envies the Swiss watch

cannot be! In the engine there are so much details, such technical complexity. And whether you know that:

the Engine of a car works only during the movement, several hours a day, and hours work for 24 hours a day that is equal to 8760 hours a year.

Through 150 000 km the engine demands capital repairs, and expensive watch works almost eternally.

In a year the engine together with car passes about 30 000 km while the wheel of balance of expensive watch winds about 8 000 km hourly!

the Size of teeth of some wheels making the mechanism of expensive watch is equal to thickness of a human hair. Here where technical complexity!

Now you understand that is hidden for the dial with two arrows ? Whole world. Difficult, as the engine of the car which is knocked to you: a tic - so.

Three mobile phones or grateful great-grandsons?

we Will sum up of

the result. On one bowl of scales three mobile phones on another:

Success in work

Expensive watch will never be altered. Old Five " Zhiguli; can decay in the middle of the road - and to delete your day. BMW - never. And the Swiss, expensive watch - they do not cross out contracts, they help to imprison them.

Happy great-grandsons the good step - to descend

hours. Hours will not be scratched and d not oblenut neither in months, nor in years. Today many hours of fifty-year prescription leave auctions for millions. For example, a watch with the index of phases of the moon of Patek Philippe 50 - x years of the XX century now at auctions in Europe costs 300 - 400 thousand dollars.

Excellent mood

Put on expensive watch. Pleasant weight on a hand will straighten shoulders, will make gait surer, and the look is stronger. Eventually, they lighten mood. And in high spirits it is possible to pull up trees.

You remember a question at the beginning of article - expensive watch is bought by squanderers? there is no

, expensive watch is bought at all not by squanderers. They are bought by big clear heads.