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Do not work with moon rovers or several councils of PR - to experts of

Until my photo is printed on a cover of the magazine, I do not worry that write about me on the 96th page.

Mick Dzhager, Rolling Stones

Somehow one dear campaign ordered to our agency the organization a press - conferences. At coordination of the budget the customer rejected only one option - a photoshoot. I did not attach it special significance, knowing that my clients people skilled, with big communications in the advertizing world. For certain, they have the, checked photographer, I thought. For these reasons did not begin to argue. In vain. As a result we received amateur photos on which even our skilled designer waved a hand: material categorically did not suit for mailing in mass media.

became clear Later that the customer who is not tempted in similar affairs solved to save also made pictures, in literal sense, by own efforts on digital to a soap tray . Professional photographers have a concept to remove as a moon rover - thoughtlessly and ineptly to unsnap shots. It was just such situation. Usually actions for the press suffer from monotony of a photorow - continuous talking heads and here on the contrary: a press - conference was held in the summer in the country - bright cars, flags, live reaction of journalists and such ill luck.

Eventually, following the results of action was very good press, we collected a decent klipping, but with photos the final product would be much fuller, more interesting, brighter.

Taught by bitter experience, I took for the rule before each action to look through a portfolio of the photographer who to me is offered by the customer. And still I come up against a situation when show the wedding photos or pictures made in the pavilion. I explain that in the photo there is the specialization too. Someone are successful portraits, to someone the nature, objects, and for a press - conference needs the good press photographer capable quickly and precisely to find shots which will interest to a press subsequently, but not relatives of the bride.

Once I asked to remove responsible a press - conference of the pictorialist To., the person with wide professional experience. Especially interestingly it works in a photograph genre. I did not consider one important detail - To. got used to scrupulous slow work in the pavilion. The photoshoot was executed thoroughly and represented a series of qualitative, but static group photographs. They lacked vivacity, sharpness, an unexpected foreshortening - just what newspaper photographers so well are able to do.

Having analysed the main mistakes in work with photographers, I removed 5 councils which will help my colleagues to make a press - conference, a briefing, any other action for journalists more effective.

Council No. 1. Considering continuous employment of good photomasters, keep in touch with two - three operators (is possible more). You remember specialization. Invite the one who from your point of view, will more precisely carry out the task set within action.

Council No. 2. Surely make a detailed task for the photographer which will help it to be up on quicker. Besides, the task written on paper will remove further possible misunderstanding: so I thought and unless it should be removed? . Do not regret time, paint a task in more detail. All this will pay off. Try to bring an action most important task to the operator.

Council No. 3. Listen to opinion of skilled operators, invite them to the actions specially, especially it concerns press photographers of news agencies.

Council No. 4. Try to create to photographers a favorable situation. In advance think of illumination of the room where there passes the press - conference: several additional light sources will not burden the budget, but the presidium will be removed greatly.

The main council - No. 5. Avoid moon rovers . Look for the thinking, creative operators capable to work independently in synthetic genres.

Finally several arguments which will help to convince the client of expediency of presence of the photographer on a press - conference or other important action:

Good photos, as well as professionally written press - release, considerably increase chances to see information about a press - conferences on a newspaper strip or in the magazine.

The professional is able to catch the moment, he sees at once the necessary foreshortening which the fan just will not notice.

The skilled photographer knows specifics work of print media and works with understanding of all technological chain.

Technical capabilities digital soap trays are limited and further you will not be able to use successful shots in booklets, catalogs, other printing products.

We thank National administration of the USA on aeronautics and research of a space for a possibility of use of the photo.

Andrey Ezeri, EZERIN`COM. begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting