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Down with work, give have a rest!

we will discuss night clubs of the city of Kiev Today. Beautiful and self-sufficient it is difficult for

to surprise and hardly to hold. Therefore correct institutions in it a segment only three. It is possible to carry " clubs to those; PATIPA Salminskiy and Heaven. These institutions are not similar at each other at all. Everyone differs in public, the atmosphere, style and the program. But everything them is united by high quality of service, bright events and eminent guests.

The leader in this fashionable to a niche - Patipa . It is known and loved as veterans club movement, and beginners. His authority is firm, confirmation to they are the first places in ratings and prestigious awards. To club the fifth year, and a klabbersky track to it does not grow. During this time Patipa it could already opopsitsya hundred times, however the club manages to be megapopular and at the same time unusual and interesting. What is only cost by the SEX &SADO parties which are taking place with bright performensa and dancing statements.

If to describe design of club, then it is more likely a retrospective and unique spirit 80 - x. A big and convenient dance floor on which it is so cheerful to anneal, the bar counters shining neon, convenient division into a dancing zone and a recreation area. If incendiary dances caused in you the desire will retire with the girl, far away from human eyes - on the second floor at your disposal the VIP - offices. The original decision of kitchen - Fusion Fast Food - will allow will enjoy original and easy dishes, and skillful bartenders will humour even the most spoiled guests tasty cocktails. The main thing - observe vigilance, koteyl tasty, but rowing. It is possible to touch easily)

to Reflect and tell about all advantages of " club; Patipa it is possible very long, it is much simpler simply to come to potusit and see all this own eyes.

A bright star in a club firmament the club of absolute rest Heaven shines. Without exaggeration it is possible to call it the most scandalous institution of our capital. Easily, easy and always with taste - it is so possible to characterize club several words.

Here everything is balanced, since design and finishing with a refined cuisine. The interior of an institution seems is deceptive simple - white walls and laconic furniture. But an interesting detail - the interior was developed by group of eminent designers, and furniture not simple, and from Philippe Starck. Even the form for service personnel of club - design, it left from - under the designer`s hands Zhanna Kotenko.

At night club - the restaurant, namely so itself positions Heaven, changes. The abundance of competently adjusted light, correctly calculated placement of lamps and LED, different in power, - screens on which image changes depending on a party subject make indelible impression and sets thinking on existence of paradise on the earth:) .

As Heaven is not only club, but also full-fledged restaurant, with amazing kitchen, the various menu and skillful the chief - the cook, it is possible to come in the early evening, since 19 here. 00 to enjoy a culinary delicacy and to wait for food spiritual. And it here bright, saturated and various. On a small scene of club it is possible to see unexpected guests, for example, the literary genius Beigbeder, the unsurpassed vocalist Tara Mac Donald or a star of hausovy tracks David Gueta. And what surprises would not be prepared for the guests by Heaven - they are doomed to success, here hold really sign parties.

The most young-looking in it fashionable the list it appears Salminskiy uyutnenkiya. Having loudly declared oneself in the opening day, the club continues to keep the place in a rating of the most demanded institutions of night Kiev.

Competent musical policy, the correct face - control (a miracle which in our capital meets quite seldom), orientation to the European trends are those postulates to which the club and which allow it to win the public actively follows.

The theater begins with a hanger, and Salminskiy from a bar counter. There is further the main dance floor where the rack is placed more on which sexual pidzheyka dashingly dance. Of course, it is worth noticing that Salminskiy - an institution small, but it only gives to a homeliness party. The musical stylistics of club vary from house - music in the evening and to progressive at daybreak. Fills with mood of a dance floor of DJ Bright, the person with a delicate taste and wide musical knowledge here. Often it is helped by the foreign DJs who are regularly visiting club with noisy parties with long after - party. By the way, Salminskiy - the only place in Kiev where sensible after - party are carried out.

Here such fashionable institutions are in our capital. If you the fan of beautiful rest if you know what you want from life - you know now also where to go will enjoy the fine atmosphere and remarkable music. Good to you rest.