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How to choose the correct bouquet? The " company advises; AMF - the international network of flowers delivery

All women without exception love flowers, but they do it differently. Someone just delighted with any, even the most mean floret, someone reacts very frostily to the most fine bouquet even if also collected from several tens the most beautiful flowers. But in the majority women react to flowers approximately equally - at their receiving they are filled with tender feelings to the donator, sometimes even with love.

Though It should be noted that, first of all, reaction of the woman depends on what flowers to it were presented. Someone adores roses, someone tulips, carnations etc. We will talk about camomiles.

Camomiles are very original option of flowers as a gift. In spite of the fact that in mass consciousness the bouquet of camomiles is something outstanding, we will try to understand when flowers delivery such is actual. The bouquet from camomiles is bright expression of the most sincere feelings. These simple and at the same time fine flowers wonderfully emphasize natural, it is possible to tell innocent and pure beauty, and also ease and simplicity of relationship of two people loving each other.

It is possible even to tell that you give inexpressible feeling of harmony and tranquility together with flowers. And the last argument which will convince you to order a bouquet from camomiles in our company - the camomile is the live embodiment of pleasure of the nature and excellent mood. A camomile no other than a symbol of the sun and heat proceeding from it. Such flowers remarkably are suitable for newlyweds, for March 8 etc. The bouquet from camomiles is universal and approaches any age. Our skilled florists often advise similar bouquets, and not only for women, but also for men. Present heat and a cosiness to that person whom love!

About the company.

" Company; AMF - the international network of flowers delivery 14 years works for the clients, delivering the bouquets ordered by them practically to any country of the world.

of the Possibility of the company.

Flowers delivery within a day in any of 195 countries of the foreign and neighboring countries and to any city of Russia. Delivery of bouquets across Moscow and St. Petersburg during 4 - x hours.

Efficiency of delivery.

Is the main advantage of the " company; AMF - the international network of flowers delivery . It is realized thanks to round the clock working delivery service, existence of own park of cars and aspiration to execute all wishes of the clients.

Convenience of placement of the order.

One more rule of the company during the work with clients. For convenience of partners of the " company; AMF - the international network of flowers delivery there are several options of placing orders:

Via the website of the company.

At the manager who will arrive to the client to office or on the house.

At the operator, by phone.

Convenience of payment.

Clients of the company can independently choose by

a payment method for services: credit card, wire transfer, cash.

Direct contacts with floristic salons.

Direct connections with salons of flowers in other cities and the countries allow the " company; AMF - the international network of flowers delivery to accelerate process of delivery of a bouquet.

Wide choice of bouquets.

clients of the company can study the catalog of flowers on the website. Also there is a possibility of obtaining the printing catalog. It can be ordered from operators of a delivery service.

the Special offer for corporate clients.

" Company; AMF - the international network of flowers delivery seeks to establish the long relations with the clients. For them the system of special discounts and offers works.

We invite to cooperation!