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How to get rid of snore?

Agree, nothing so prevents to fall asleep as monotonous roulades reaching from the next pillow. What is only not done with snorers by members of household - hush and hoot, push and bother, but, eventually, close ears or go to other room.

By the way, snore of the partner is one of the reasons of dissonance of the sexual relations of married couples, and some think of divorce from at all - for violent snore of the half. But snorers act not for harm this way. Also it is necessary them hardly. And that is why.

From the medical point of view, are the main reasons for snore: natural decrease in a tone of muscles of a nasopharynx during a dream, a curvature of a nasal partition, congenital narrowness of a throat and the nasal courses, polyps in a nose, allergic rhinitis, the increased tonsils, the expanded adenoides, the extended palatal uvula, violation of a bite and many other things.

If to reject the esthetic party of a question, snore does huge harm, first of all, to the person snoring. As in itself is already a harbinger and the main symptom of a serious disease - the syndrome obstructive apnoe dream (SOAD). Such snore is followed by respiratory standstill in a dream - the person snores, and then becomes silent and any time does not breathe absolutely. These respiratory standstill can be frequent - to 60 stops an hour with various duration. Dangerously it the fact that several times in a night airways of the person are completely closed and do not pass air in lungs. Result - headaches, drowsiness, irritability, decrease in attention, memory. It significantly increases risk of development of a heart attack, stroke and even sudden death in a dream.

So is not necessary to saw the snorer for what he, in effect, is not guilty of. Just take away it to good the ENT SPECIALIST - to the doctor who will pick up to it suitable treatment. For now try to implement the following recommendations for simplification of breath...

Going to bed, be convinced that the nasopharynx is clean and nothing prevents free breath. For cleaning of a nose use vasoconstrictive drops or solution of sea salt. The same solution rinse a throat for the night - it will reduce puffiness and will make fabrics of a soft palate more elastic.

Raise a bed headboard. Under bed legs from the head put whetstones about 10 cm thick. The raised position of a body reduces a language zapadeniye. Moreover, liquid in an organism to be displaced from top to bottom and mucous a nose and drinks swells less.

Throw out hardly filled big pillows. From such pillow of people slips, and the head is strongly inclined. It is better to use small flat headboards.

Exercises for reduction of snore:

1. As much as possible push language forward and down. Hold in the put-forward state 1 - 2 seconds. Carry out 30 times in the morning and in the evening.

2. Press a chin a hand and with effort move the lower jaw forward - back. Carry out 30 times in the morning and in the evening.


it is strong to b to clamp teeth and to hold a wooden or plastic stick within 3 - 4 minutes. To carry out before going to bed.

The best not surgical treatment of snore - a way of life. Body weight, for example, can be directly connected with snore. It is necessary to refuse smoking as it causes dryness of a mucous membrane. It is not necessary to accept alcohol, especially before going to bed. And in general it is necessary to lead active lifestyle which often replaces any operation.