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What is Slendertone? Technologies of a sexual body

we Will bring muscles into a tone with Slendertone miostimulyator.

the Muscles of a human body need continuous physical activities. The movement is life, muscles have to work. For this reason it is so important to strengthen and develop a muscular tone daily.

There is a huge number of exercises for keeping fit. Various types of inclinations, squats, push-ups, power and aerobic elements are aimed at the development of all groups of muscles of a human body.

Daily trainings increase organism resilience to diseases, improve appearance, are the integral components of process of dropping weight.

For each group of muscles there are certain power and aerobic exercises. Traditional exercises support the general physical state at the level of normal, special - are directed to increase of endurance, elasticity. Ideally it is necessary to learn to combine traditional and special exercises for achievement of the best result.

On the website of the Slendertone company the six-week course of trainings with Slendertone miostimulyator is presented. By means of this device you will be able to correct problem parts of the body, to get rid of cellulitis, to improve color and a surface of skin , having made it equal, elastic and smooth.

Ability of muscles to be reduced under the influence of irritants is the basis for work of miostimulyator. Nervous cages act as the natural producer of electric impulses. In case of use of a miostimulyator millions of electric impulses developed by the device get through an epidermis layer, influencing muscular tissue and forcing it to be reduced. Actually your muscles are exposed to physical activity while you continue to go about the own business. Intensity of muscular contractions is comparable to hours-long wearisome trainings in a gym. Muscular force , in case of use of a miostimulyator of Slendertone, increases to 50%. Energy which is emitted in the course of expenses of fatty stocks is necessary for muscles for a hard work. Thus, not only raises a muscular tone , but also decreases a fatty layer between muscles and an integument. Elektromiostimulyation promotes removal of cholesterol and free fatty acids from an organism, and also improves a metabolism, strengthening oxidizing processes.

Return to fitness. 9 months later.

the Pregnant woman is always beautiful

, it as if shines from within, enduring one of the most high points in life - expectations of birth of little dear man.

the Birth of the child is a greatest and most expected event in a family. Certainly, during pregnancy of transformation of a female figure it is impossible to avoid: there is an excess weight, extensions. The condition of the general permissiveness in food seldom abandons the woman how the child was born. And there is practically no time left for itself. Postponement for later classes in restoration of own physical shape promote increase in fatty deposits and constantly growing discontent with reflection in a mirror.

Slendertone, the company with a world name, helps women to try to obtain many years ideal appearance. Experts of Slendertone suggest newly appeared mothers to use their four-step program for restoration of a figure after the delivery.

Stage 1. Healthy balanced nutrition, observance of recommendations of the dietitian.

Stage 2. Physiotherapeutic procedures.

Stage 3. Moderate physical activities, yoga.

Stage 4. Strengthening of all groups of muscles of a stomach by means of a special Slendertone belt.

We will consider each stage in more detail. So, healthy balanced nutrition. - r Pierre Azam makes the following recommendations: The pregnancy Period for each woman is individual. One is uniform: the female organism endures in this timepoint considerable reorganization in functioning. Intensive production of hormones promotes increase in body weight. Gradual accumulation of fatty weight - necessary preparatory process for normal course of the period of a lactation. The share of muscular weight in the lump of a female body considerably decreases. The produced hormones affect a tone of all muscles, especially muscles of an abdominal tension adversely.

Pregnancy and the birth of the child relax women in respect of food. Overconsumption of greasy, fried, salty and sweet food promotes increase in fatty deposits of which then it is very heavy to get rid. Therefore right after birth of the kid it is necessary to pay attention to food. It is necessary to include as much as possible in a diet of the healthy and healthy food enriched with vitamins and mineral substances. The daily water consumption promotes the best comprehensibility of useful minerals, their fast absorption in blood.

It is very important to keep to a rational fat-burning diet. It is strictly forbidden to transfer food instantly after the child`s birth to the mode of low-calorie food. Remember that quite recently your organism experienced enormous strain, endured the strongest stressful state, and sharp refusal of habitual food can do it irreparable harm. According to the recommendation of the doctor adhere to the sparing diet, eat only healthy food. Pay special attention to a breakfast: it has to be full .

We will pass to the second stage - physiotherapeutic procedures. Let`s listen to recommendations of the physiotherapist Helena Todorovich: The Physical therapy is necessary for young mother as recovery actions of an organism after the delivery. Such procedures restore normal work of urinogenital system, preventing an incontience of urine and restoring the woman to usual sexual life. It is possible to train intimate muscles independently, alternately squeezing them and weakening. These exercises, imperceptible for people around, are done in any situation and the place .

The third stage - the beginning of trainings and occupations by yoga. Let`s listen to recommendations of the trainer on yoga Virginia Bowe: Moderate physical activities are shown to young mothers in 45 days after the child`s birth. The yoga - the unique set of exercises consisting generally of elements of an extension and a relaxation promotes fast restoration of former physical forms, increase of a muscular tone. It is important to understand that performance of elements of yoga is based on understanding of language of own body, to follow it, abilities to concentrate on equipment. Increase of a muscular tone - all exercises of yoga are directed to it. It is very important how you breathe in the course of occupations, do not forget to release correctly air from lungs.

The fourth stage of the program - strengthening of all groups of muscles of a stomach by means of a special Slendertone belt. At the correct observance of all previous stages of the program you will be ready to pass to the final stage - restoration of a tone of muscles of an abdominal tension by means of Slendertone miostimulyator. Be engaged with it on 20 minutes of 5 times in seven days within a month, and results will not keep themselves waiting long - your press will cardinally change.

Devices found broad application among the people deprived of an opportunity without someone`s help to play sports. Miostimulyatora are shown to use by disabled people, the people who underwent heavy operations, visited various accidents.

The EMS method already more than half a century around the world is actively applied in medical institutions when carrying out physiotherapeutic procedures. Process of training of athletes also includes use of miostimulyator at one of stages.