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Instant in a lens. Whether it is worth being the professional photographer?

All people are divided into two categories: one adore being photographed and with pleasure pose at any opportunity, others, on the contrary, not for the world do not want to get into the shot and, having caught sight of flashes, try to appear on other side of a lens. Such turn of events is familiar to you? If you treat the second group, then the best exit, than to become the photographer, it is simple not to find. Faust dreamed to stop a moment. Become the professional photographer, and you will be able to do this every day!

The first that is necessary for the beginning photographer, - to buy the professional camera. Your chamber has to be adjusted manually and have a big lens with qualitative lenses, and also good flash and light filters. For studio shooting to be necessary the support, and for work on the street - a bag with a set of offices where you will place films, a flash - cards and spare accumulators. By the way, you can work both with film, and with the digital camera is a question of your convenience.

If the equipment at you already is, go to photo courses rather. Only do not stint: yes, occupations cost much, but you make investments into own future. The school will teach you to very much: to handle the camera, to choose a foreshortening, to adjust focus, to do art processing of photos and it is correct to choose lighting. The most important skill for you ability does not have to become simple to be looked at the person or a subject, and to see in them something special and to help to see it another. By the way, the famous photographers often arrange the master - classes which you need to visit too. Who knows, maybe, and you in several years will share skill secrets with the beginning masters of the photo.

Professional photographers are the real people of art creating unique masterpieces by means of simple cameras. Therefore to succeed, all your efforts have to be directed to achievement of absolute harmony of color, light and a form. Always remember: people look at your photos, see the world your eyes. Your task - to surprise them.

The real pros will never be left without work, especially today when beautiful photos surround us almost continually. Your services will be for certain demanded in journalism, advertizing, public relations, for various festive events, creation of photoarchives or maybe your personal professional exhibitions. The main thing - to love in what you are engaged, and work on your camera surely will be.

If you learn to show to the world through a lens the feelings, the audience will surely estimate it. The more vividly more naturally your photos will also turn out, the more will be admirers at your creativity. the main thing - avoid mediocrity! New ideas in creativity are very much appreciated. With the masterpieces you can participate in various exhibitions and competitions. As a rule, the victory only adds value to them to you as to the professional, so, increases freedom of creativity and, respectively, the income. But if sometime to you all - bothers to look at the world through a lens of the chamber, you will be able always to open a photographer`s studio, shop of photoequipment or own school - studio which it is quite possible to call by the name.