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Whether it is necessary to be serious when you raise children?

The Creative thinking is an understanding that there is no special virtue in running business as they were always conducted to us . Rudolf Flesh

Influence of education and life often leads

to the fact that we become excessively serious, and it spoils our relations with other people. Each of us - the unique personality with the unique features, and at everyone can be the style of parental behavior. But to be a parent and to test pleasure from it, it is necessary to support spirit of game, raising children. We have to be ready to show innovative approach to education, to invent, find ways which will help to receive a response from children and to achieve cooperation from their party. And then education of children will be valid to bring you huge joy. And I want to share with you the example gravity avoiding and creations of spirit of game.

cleaning Time

Once my house was filled so up with children`s things that on we wash a wooden floor literally there was a carpet from t-shirts, a boot, jackets, toys etc. Very often, when I asked girls to be tidied up at home, it became the most awful moment in our life. Girls, could not you, a pozhaaaaaaaaaaaaluysta to be tidied up and put everything accurately on the places? Devochkiiiiiiiiya, put all on the places! Devochkiiiiya, better you would already move away all somewhat quicker!!! (Perhaps, I exaggerate a little, but I think that you understood idea.) This time instead of using approach Girls, clean the things into place now!!! I hid treasure in the form of 3 dollars under a sneaker which rolled on a ladder.

I told girls that hunting time came for treasures - that under one of the things scattered on all house the treasure is hidden. Also there was such rule - to clean into place that thing which you lifted when looked for treasure before lifting other thing.

Girls on velocity of light began to look for treasure (I, of course, hoped, they will not find treasure too early, because then I should hide even more money that our cleaning ended successfully). They ran to and fro, successfully passing a sneaker with treasure, and when practically all things were accurately cleaned on the places (perhaps, accurately - this small exaggeration, but at least things lay on the places), Dayana found 3 dollars! And in our house there was a purity and an order - and all this in 3 minutes! (Then I awarded all girls for the fact that they so quickly cleaned everything.)

my supervision

Were times when my spirit of game and pleasure of creation with children were subjected to tests - that is when gravity of a situation forced to apply more serious and direct approach to a solution. But I am sure that for the solution of daily tasks which we face at education of children it is always necessary to find and create game, pleasure, laughter.

I have an ability to find something ridiculous and cheerful even in rather unhumorous situations, and my children seek to do the same. I always looked for some ridiculous moment, humour in any situation, something that the laughter in any situation can bring joy also. And it is pleasant to me to see that my daughters adopted this approach to life too. For example, when Mary was four years old, we went to big parade; it was cold, windy day. Being a playful and playful child, she joyfully stepped in a dirty pool, having completely wet boots and trousers, it created a certain discomfort. I wanted to bring it home, but she refused to leave parade. She wanted to see beautiful huge balloons, and, of course, Santa - Claus. As a result - a half of parade she cried with inconvenience, and a half - laughed for pleasure. And it was pleasant to me that she refused to miss the joyful moments and agreed to suffer from pain and discomfort to test them.

Bernard Percy,

the teacher, the consultant, the expert in the field of education of children and the solution of family questions, the international representative of Applied Education.

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