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What tells color of fruits

about Multi-colored fruits can both improve health, and to do much harm to your health.

Red fruits : increase resilience to diseases, have the all-strengthening effect, improve mood and appetite. BUT! Can cause an allergy, irritate mucous a digestive tract.

of the Grenade. Improve work warmly - vascular system, raise hemoglobin and immunity. At the use of juice you part it with water (1:3) - otherwise it can do much harm to heart.

Cranberry. Removes surplus of liquid and slags, updates organism cages, helps at cold. You have gastric diseases? Be careful with this berry.

Cowberry . immunity Raises, has diuretic effect, promotes renewal of cells of an organism. However, if you have inflammatory diseases of urinogenital system, eat no more than 1/2 glass a day.

Guelder-rose. Removes a nervous tension, increases immunity. But at hypotonia it is possible to eat no more than 1/3 glass.

Orange fruits : improve work of nervous system, lighten mood. BUT! Complicate work zheludochno - an intestinal path and can cause an allergy.

Oranges and tangerines . Improve working capacity, increase immunity and a vascular tone, accelerate recovery at cold. Eat no more than two oranges or four tangerines a day.

Pumpkin. the metabolism, memory Improves, slows down aging, removes slags. For the best assimilation add apple or dried apricots.

Persimmon. Stimulates cerebration, improves a metabolism and work of endocrine system. Eat no more than one fruit a day: the persimmon complicates work of intestines.

Mountain ash. Enriches with vitamins, improves composition of blood, sight, a vascular tone, has anti-inflammatory effect. Collect a mountain ash after the first frosts: it will become useful only after frosts.

Yellow fruits: reduce intellectual and visual tension, improve appetite. BUT! At diseases of a digestive tract eat with care.

Quince. elasticity of vessels Supports, reduces nervousness and fatigue, improves the general tone. For advantage of a stomach do not eat a quince in the raw, and steam or you extinguish .

Calm, improve work of heart and vessels, give forces. Eat no more than two bananas as they are very much kaloriyna a day.

Antonovka. Improve a metabolism, work as digestive and it is warm - vascular systems, remove slags and toxins. At diseases of a stomach eat them only in the baked look.

Lemons. immunity, attention Raise, strengthen vessels, have antiviral effect. But eat them in a small amount - lemon acid irritates mucous a stomach.

Green fruits: improve an organism tone, remove an intellectual, physical and emotional stress. BUT! Green fruits in a large number cause an eructation.

Tsukini`s . slags, toxins, surplus of liquid Remove, improve digestion. Carbohydrates which contain in zucchini are easier acquired in a stewed look.

of the Feijoa. Povyshvetimmunitet, the vascular tone, normalizes work of nervous and endocrine systems. But eat no more than four fruits a day.

Green radish. resilience to diseases Raises, strengthens nervous system, slows down cell aging of an organism. At diseases of kidneys and digestion eat it on slightly - slightly.

Cabbage. Improves work of vessels and a brain. Besides, in the raw interferes with obesity, fermented enriches with vitamin C. But at zheludochno - intestinal diseases it can be eaten only gradually and only in a boiled look.