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What do we want from an education system?

U us a problem with the future

of Opinion on what we should do with an education system considerably vibrate. Amplitude of fluctuations is wide - from to improve to to rescue . It is worth nevertheless trying to understand that it for " system; in which womb live souls of our children, mass of adults and the future of our people cook. And even not in the plan - that it makes with us now, and in sense - as it has to work at the purpose of society. Let`s imagine it as system to a pra - educations which has on an entrance certain this, initial condition of the child and society, and at the exit - set, desirable to us.

In natural processes everything is directed to the purpose and is defined by a final state. In our world, for obvious reasons, constant problems with the future and with what from it to wait for. It does not cancel correctness of the target approach set by the nature: what do we want to receive at the process exit? Than less we both know it, and we want to know, especially development of our systems is unsystematic, and we is continuous in some interval between two fires, one of which it seems was extinguished, and from another already pulled fake.

We want that

Even calling it an education system, we guess that not education in it the main thing. The main thing that has to occur in it, is an education. Therefore give within this article and we will call it, - it is conditional, unfortunately, - educational system . We want

that those who will be brought up by system were stout desire to live that the person wanted to live in society on which he can rely which will provide it with a possibility of full self-realization. In the existing system there are already beginnings of education of the similar person? If yes, - it is fine.

What we have on an entrance? If we tell

about the person social, then till three years, so far at the child the concept " was not created yet; I it is difficult to speak about a sociality. The pure soul understands it only on . Even give and will receive in exchange to it it is still inaccessible. It lets in a narrow circle of the acquaintances only the.

And only since three years when it begins to contact actively to others, it is capable not only to take away, but also to give when the exchange with external environment begins to develop at full speed, the child approaches education login.

Here kind games in which future person will begin to understand that society is useful that, giving, he receives and that it is together much easier to achieve the objectives are necessary. Here it is already necessary to transfer its attention from personal obsession to the purpose - on those with whom it reaches it.

About kind games: now both merrymakings, and shows for big and small are based at personal competition to others, on opposition of an aggressor and the victim, hero and crowd. And passive association of with an aggressor demands then an exit in actions, and with the victim - takes away vital forces. And even association of with the hero - failure option of education, because societies heroes are not, are singles, but not society.

Then not to re-educate

If we speak about education, then, as we know, after 12 - 13 years of the child it is already necessary not to bring up, and to re-educate. Therefore the educational system (and education adapts to it) has to be calculated on age only till 13 years.

As it was already told, it is not about certain heartless to the " system; and about creation of the environment in which the person of the future only will also be able to grow up.

Therefore already during the period from six to nine years emphasis is placed not on education of one, and on education of collective. Relationship, training, games are under construction so that the child learns to understand that, endowing, giving, - he wins.

It is known that the volume of group for effective work cannot exceed 10 - 12, at most 15 people.

It is known also that the child follows an example of the senior, but it is not trained at it. Therefore those 2 - 3 tutors who are engaged with children psychologists, teachers, have to be socially harmonious in the relations.

From the tutor absolutely equal attitude towards all is required, he has to be, literally, in their circle: training happens in the room where all sit in a circle, it gives feeling of equality and the hierarchy of a class cleans up, - no excellent students galleries .

The whole school day is a process of education: children together study, eat, play, have a rest and work - all do together. In joint actions during changes, departures on the enterprises, in hospitals, everywhere, where they will be able to get acquainted with country life, mutual understanding and communication between age is created. Seniors learn to take responsibility for younger, younger - to understand seniors and to participate with them in the general action, - the concept as far as it is necessary is so created and it is natural in the course of life.

Boys and little girls

Education and training of boys and girls, naturally, separate, - because we see that mixing in one sexless weight at schools does not give them to them understanding of psychology and features of an opposite sex, idea of harmonious relations between the sexes. The children spoiled and confused by stay in this weight lose an opportunity to improve further such relations.

Besides, long-term discussions of a problem of feminization of school system and, as a result, disappearance of a machismo in the society of special benefit did not bring. Though it is clear to all that men have to bring up boys, and the woman`s girls, - but it seems break through a thicket of democratic procedures of decision-making.

We do not understand psychology, perception of the world an opposite sex, and it generates the mass of the conflicts. To become the man, the boy has to be brought up in men`s society to become the woman, the girl has to grow in the female environment. We are created by the nature opposite for achievement of harmony between us, harmony also is the nature purpose, is that understanding which needs to be created in children.

education, thank God, at us it is not sophisticated to flash

Necessary for the growing person of knowledge are divided into two types. The first treats more education: structure of society, family, fundamentals of psychology and sociology, knowledge of age problems, necessary knowledge from biology, physiology. That felt interhuman space, it we remove an array of problems in society. Here and training in drawing, music, recitation as to abilities to state itself and to understand another. This knowledge, the first type, should not be shared rigidly in objects, it has to go as the general package of knowledge of society and about itself in it.

The second type of knowledge - the necessary beginnings of exact and natural sciences - it, in the course of training, more and more corresponds to abilities, tendencies of the person, and further - to a professional orientation.

During the period from 9 to 13 years we train people for an entrance to society, to adulthood. They will be already able to come into contact and to work with people, and are ready to life in society. Necessary school for this purpose the person is quite capable to gather a package of knowledge by 13 years if we transfer accent with farshirovaniye knowledge on education of the person.

We help it to learn ourselves to this age, the features and aspirations, it will be given it by the chance to choose really its profession. We have to provide to people free education - and school, and after school: courses, university. The person has to gather freely and free of charge necessary knowledge that, realizing itself, to be the most useful to society.

It is very desirable to remove a video camera of conversation and lessons, and then to look through and discuss together, - it gives the chance of collective self-knowledge, allows to study communication. Viewing of old records gives the chance to group to analyze itself in the course of growth.

And if suddenly...

Conflicts? The conflicts understand group, a main goal at the same time: on an example, but without persons to find out human nature, an essence and roots of opposition between people, the person and society.

For this purpose clashing or violator together with all sort the nature of the acts and take part in the choice sentence . The understanding, as punishment is born, and remuneration is a direct consequence. At the same time word punishment leaves a lexicon because not it is the events purpose. In the person there is a person, that is ability to judge itself and to direct the desires.


For now we both doubt, and we are afraid, - and suddenly our children will be indeed better than us. So it is arranged: we derive pleasure from an opportunity to correct shortcomings of others. Therefore the person now to live in society, has to restrain, be constantly in tension.

Really, at school has to be so that the child learns to find, see positive in himself and know that it and is he, and in others - the nobility that it and is society. Thus, life in society will allow the person to reveal. Because feels what is what society waits from it for. And, thanks to it, it develops.

Mikhail Gonopolsky