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How it is possible to make UFO most?

So, in this article will be a question of how it is possible to make UFO most. It is known that mystification - one of the main problems which ufologists face.

As a rule, ufologists those people whose ­ interest in the unusual phenomena, objects and events ­ is shown from the prejudiced point of view about the taken place ­ visit to Earth of representatives of other civilizations or other worlds call themselves­­­. Most of experts - geophysicists, ­ astronomers, engineers aviation and rocketry, - ­ studying the unusual atmospheric and space occurrences from ­ the scientific point of view, avoid the term “ ufology “ ­ having shade of profanation and the noncritical relation to a subject.

One person, or a group of persons try to convince the press and ufologists that he (they) became witnesses of emergence of the unknown flying objects, or even claim that they managed to come into contact with aliens. Thus these mystifiers want to achieve glory, and it is even possible to earn some reward.

That all believed that mystifiers actually dealt with extraterrestrial civilizations, they represent various “ proofs “ this photo of a fake is the most frequent. Now I will tell how they can be made.

In fact, any of us without special work can make an UFO photomontage in house conditions, without having at the same time any special equipment.

First way. The simplest. You need any camera (the same soap tray for example). We cut out the figure reminding UFO from dense paper. Here you can even dream up with forms. The figure has to be small: 5 - 10 centimeters quite will approach. Further you glue it on ideally pure glass and you photograph at distance approximately from a half a meter. Here the main thing is correct to pick up prospect and a background.

Second way. Here it is more difficult. You need to make a real modelka of UFO like a samolyotik which all of us did in the childhood. It is necessary to prepare wooden whetstone as a basis of your future device. Further to attach a small small weight on a nose, and a wing in the form of a circle with openings. It is possible to add the second same wing perpendicular to the first. Then it is necessary to teach to fly your device by means of tests. And further it is simple to start it in air, to pick up correct rakus and to depict him on a photo. If you decided to approach seriously business - it is possible even to try to attach small multi-colored bulbs aboard your object.

Third way. Photomontage. From you to be necessary only small skills of possession of any graphic editors. Just photograph the sky, further in the editor of images add UFO. If you do not work with a photoshop - ask any of friends. Or to turn into special offices which can provide such services.

Thus, having used these simple receptions, you can create an own fake of the unknown flying object. You will be able to brag to friends and girlfriends, to surprise the family, and there can be even various an Internet - communities or the press.