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How to derive pleasure from work? A workplace by the principles the fan - Shui.

Huge part of our life are occupied by work: we work 5 days a week and we devote only two days to rest. Therefore, certainly, work has to bring satisfaction, has to be to liking. And it depends not only on whether our work or not, but also from is pleasant to us, whether our workplace is correctly organized.

It is correct to organize the workplace important not only that who works at offices, but also that who works at home. The back quickly is tired of work on a sofa, and the habit works in a dressing gown, for certain, will not promote emergence of fresh extraordinary ideas and labor mood.

The regiments hanging over a table directed directly to you all furniture corners and a door directly behind the back - it is good to get rid of all this, having made re-planning of your working space. Let`s take care of that working hours were the most fruitful and brought joy and satisfaction.

Even if you work at office and with the choice of a workplace especially will not clear up, you always have an opportunity a little to change the working space. I will list the basic principles of the organization of a workplace on the fan - Shui:

The entrance door has to settle down before you, but on diagonal from your table. It is intuitively clear that it is uncomfortable to sit a back to a door, at least. It is necessary to avoid also such arrangement when an entrance door directly before you.

It is not necessary to sit facing a long corridor. Displace a desktop a little aside.

It is better when behind your back there is a main wall, a table of your chief or a window overlooking some building. All this, according to canons the fan - Shui, provides you support.

Favorably influence career and financial position a table with the closed forward panel and a convenient chair with a high back and armrests. It is considered that the chair with armrests and a high back is simply necessary for those who only begins career.

In front, behind you there should not be acute angles sent to your party (furniture, angular columns, corners of walls). If it is not possible to get rid of them, smooth them, having put before them a round vase with the flowers or a houseplant.

Try to put a desktop so that ahead of you was though how many - nibud free space. Favorably the flowers which are before you (especially bringing good luck peonies, chrysanthemums, orchids), images of flowers and water landscapes work. Are not promoted working capacity and good mood of a picture and panel with the image of wild animals and by abstractions with a large number of straight lines and corners.

It is not recommended to sit opposite to a toilet door, facing a ladder and under the ladder.

Keep order and purity on the desktop. Mountains of correspondence or working folders adversely influence your spirit and health. It is better to move the regiments hanging over a desktop or to shift a table a little aside.

The window opening to a look is favorable only in that case when you do not rest a look to closely the standing neighboring houses and especially corners of these houses. In this case it is better to hang up curtains, blinds or to put high houseplants on a window sill.

As you can see, anything difficult. Perhaps, it is worth trying?