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When cellulitis becomes a problem?

the Difficult way to beauty

Any woman examining in a mirror skin on buttocks and hips with distinctly appearing hillocks of fatty deposits knows what is cellulitis and what to find in herself its signs. Efforts of mass media about orange-peel today know even men. And very captiously consider young ladies regarding presence at them that. However, cellulitis is artful that, disappearing behind a mask of especially cosmetic problem, it conceals in itself danger of serious medical diseases, the hormonal imbalance which in turn conducts to hypostases, violation of a lymph flow and blood circulation, dystrophy of fabrics is its cornerstone. So cellulitis - an evident illustration of the thesis that the sore body beautiful does not happen. Therefore, with whatever motivation you undertook its treatment, each successful step will become a contribution to preservation and health, and beauty.


Cosmetologists allocate three stages of cellulitis. The first can be considered as the normal phenomenon. If, zashchipnuv skin around a hip, you see hillocks, you have the first stage. Such cellulitis easily gives in to correction. At the second stage orange-peel it becomes more noticeable, the vascular setochka can appear. Skin becomes more flabby, liquid collects in fatty cages and squeezes veins. Fatty deposits are condensed.

The third stage is determined that the affected skin becomes cool to the touch and painfully reacts to pinches. At this stage connecting fabric between a muscle and skin is already formed - such cellulitis it is difficult to treat. Here orange-peel stops being purely esthetic problem, it hurts and can provoke internal frustration of an organism.

It is impossible to change the female physiology and to win against cellulitis once and for all. But at due consideration problem zones can look adequately. Of course, the third stage cannot almost be cured therefore take care of to starting the body to such an extent. The most important - to love it, to look after it and to remember: fight against cellulitis - a task complex. It is necessary to lean on exercise machines or to regularly do exercises in front of a house mirror. Massage which, we will note at once will be a little similar on pleasantly - the weakening action, - too an integral part of anti-cellulite strategy. But, if it is correct to do everything, results - more smooth and elastic skin plus the general weight reduction - will appear in one or one and a half months.

A diet


Sounds it is banal, but the first and main means of fight is a healthy menu. Friends of cellulitis - fried dishes, fat meat, a bird with skin, marinades and a pickles, the refined carbohydrates, rich pastries, cakes with cream. If you have a hereditary predisposition to cellulitis, it is better to refuse all above-mentioned absolutely. Avoid also food with artificial additives: dyes, fragrances and simulators of taste. Reduce the use of fat dairy products. Fall in love with the crude vegetables interfering development of cellulitis (especially salad and cabbage), garden greens, bean, fruit, grain bread, porridges on water, fish, seafood, vegetable oils. Try not to drink alcohol, coffee, and also carbonated drinks.


Water - the simplest way of cleaning of an organism of slags, drink it as much as possible. Also dry wines (especially red and pink) in small amounts are recommended (150 g a day). Freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice or herbal teas are good and useful (it is possible to sweeten them with a honey spoon). Carrot, beet, cucumber, apple, cabbage, orange juice and juice of a celery actively struggle with cellulitis.



In - the first, nicotine destroys vitamin C on which the condition of skin and connecting fabrics depends. In - the second, the organism gets poisoned with the harmful substances operating on skin and mucous membranes. In - the third, nicotine prevents the correct blood circulation that worsens a metabolism at the cellular level.


Try not to wear close clothes and shoes on a high heel - it breaks peripheral blood circulation. A hypodynamia - too the kind friend of cellulitis: first of all it appears where blood circulation and a lymph from - for inaction of muscles is broken. In intensively working muscles blood and a lymph do not stand therefore it is very important to allocate time for daily physical exercises. To be very harmfully long in the same pose, especially in a standing position. If work at you inactive, try to change at least position of legs and to do imperceptibly on two - three exercises improving blood circulation and a lymph. Also the daily contrast shower with grinding of a body a brush, a rigid mitten or a sponge is not less useful. If the shower why - or is inaccessible, pound a body a dry brush or a sponge: it too positively influences a blood-groove. Regularly visit a sauna or a bath.



Behind a desk in office, on a house sofa, doing a make-up in front of the mirror or in the car - everywhere it is possible to do isometric exercise: sit down or get up directly, strong squeeze buttocks, record this situation for several seconds and release. Repeat 5 - 10 times.

And instead of quietly and imposingly walking on a supermarket, take legs in hands also train your gluteuses walking, with each vigorous step straining them in the corresponding leg.

The following exercise is ideal for small morning exercises. Lying on a stomach on a floor, raise at the same time right hand and the left leg. Then left hand and right leg. You watch that the back not strongly caved in, and muscles of a press remained intense. Repeat 3 times.


For this exercise you have to lay down on a back, having bent knees, and, raising a basin and a thorax, to achieve that hips, buttocks, a back and knees formed one line. Just lie down in such situation minute, without lowering a thorax. As addition it is also possible to extend a leg forward. To repeat 10 - 20 times.

The easiest and in too time the most effective power exercise - ordinary squats.

So-called door squats - this small improvement of classics: you hold both hands the door handle and are slowly curved back as though you want to sit down on a chair. The upper body at the same time remains to a straight line. This exercise trains buttock muscles better, than usual squats. Only track that the door was reliably closed, otherwise you risk to fall.


This summer entertainment is quite feasible also in other season. Besides it is very useful: in the pool for beginners enter water up to a breast and... run! Your buttocks will be tightened in the eyes! Also this type of run is useful after injuries as it does not load joints.



As for various creams, gels and other anti-cellulite cosmetics, it is much more effective, than many think. Though it is periodically exposed by all who feel like it, practical experience proves that this supportive application considerably improves a condition of skin and hypodermically - fatty cellulose. And the result is visible already through two - three weeks later began applications.

Of course if to eat too much for the night fried potato and for days on end to lie on a sofa, even the most wonderful cream will not help. But on condition of its continuous application together with healthy nutrition and physical activities you have the right to count on effect.

By the way, now on sale there are a lot of anti-cellulite preparations and for internal application (tablets, capsules, teas). The most effective combination: anti-cellulite gymnastic complex + anti-cellulite creams (srubs, peelings, ryaz) + diet + food additives. At such massive approach cellulitis cannot but just recede.

Srubs and peelings, deleting the died-off cages, promote saturation of fabrics oxygen, and anti-cellulite creams facilitate removal of liquid from fatty tissues through limfosisty and raise a skin tone. They are put, evenly distributing on problem sites then wrap up a body a special film (a technique of a cold and hot wrapping). In 1 - 1,5 hour the film is removed and the remains of cream (dirt) delete.

Pass - the dictionary

of Dermotoniya, or vacuum massage - long ago the known technique of impact on a body by means of cans in which negative pressure is created. Today for vacuum massage release convenient, beautiful devices, Pressoterapiya`s

- one of kinds of a lymphatic drainage and one of the most effective techniques of treatment of cellulitis, elimination of weight in legs and other unpleasant consequences of an inactive way of life. It promotes restoration and improvement of outflow of a lymph and blue blood,

Microcurrent therapy influence by a low-power impulsnymtok on an integument. Term " synonym; microcurrent therapy - neuromuscular electrostimulation . Microcurrents influence a metabolism of cages, restoring a cellular membrane, increasing access of oxygen to fabrics, prolonging cage life. The technique is successfully applied to restoration of elasticity and elasticity of skin at an early stage of cellulitis and as an additional method at its late stages. Smoothes skin, raises a tone of muscles, and also allows to saturate deeper layers of skin with active cosmetics.

Ionostimulyation - - influence by electric current and a kosmeticha - sky preparations on problem sites. Restores elasticity of skin and improves contours by means of the newest devices of an ionostimulyation it is possible to carry out a drainage, acupressure, to fight against extensions, cellulitis, flabbiness of fabrics.

A magnetotherapy - use of properties of magnetic fields for correction of a figure and a lymphatic drainage. The car works at the principle of vibromagnetism: the magnetic field stimulates a cellular metabolism, eliminates puffiness, feeling of weight, leg pain. Vibrations of strictly certain frequency have strong lymphatic drainage effect, rejuvenate skin, stimulate production of collagen and elastin

Ultrasonic massage an influence method with ultrasound on deep layers of skin and hypodermic fatty tissue which for the account micromassage cages leads to strengthening lympho-and blood circulations and accelerates a metabolism in fabrics. Loosens fatty deposits, helps at a fibrous form of cellulitis, Endermologiya`s (LPG)

- its most temporary device for acceleration of exchange processes, improvement lympho-and blood circulations, increases of a tone of skin and muscles. It models a figure, reduces volumes, promotes disappearance of hypostases, reduction of cellulitis, does skin elastic.



the good anti-cellulite program works not with orange-peel and with all organism in general, its task - to force a body to function in the new, healthy mode, to stop stagnation in cages, to make active a metabolism. Therefore in anti-cellulite programs the hardware cosmetology which influences a kostnomyshechny framework and hypodermically - fatty cellulose is actively applied.

Today with the help clever machines - devices for physical therapy - it is possible to make if not all, then a lot of things: to create ideal contours of a figure, to clean cellulitis, to get rid of wrinkles, pigmentary spots, vascular asterisks, hems and body hair. Of course, even the best device is not able to change an organism, its functions, a hormonal background and a metabolism. But, resorting to procedures on devices from time to time, it is possible to achieve noticeable results.

Experts consider that for achievement of desirable effect the whole complex of procedures is necessary: both hardware cosmetology, and manual techniques, and wrappings, and physical activities, and certain diet.

There is a lot of hardware techniques which with success use in cosmetology. We are familiar with one many years, others appeared in practice of cosmetologists and physiotherapists quite recently.


the Most radical method of elimination of cellulitis - a liposuction (whether - a poaspiration). It is the surgery performed under anesthetic. Under skin enter special hollow needles through which suck away the destroyed fatty cellulose. New devices for a lipoaspiration with two needles gained fame: one carries out current which melts fat, the second sucks away this fat. Healing after such operation goes long and painfully, but result fantastic: fatty deposits disappear. However, as for surgical correction of cellulitis, before it is necessary to think: whether really so cardinal measures are justified? The liposuction is fraught with very unpleasant consequences, and cellulitis in most cases is successfully treated also without it.


the campaign for fight Launched recently with orange-peel led to creation of the whole anti-cellulite industry and emergence new, not always correct techniques of treatment. Unfortunately, many women were influenced by it. The matter is that at treatment it is important to consider physiological and psychophysical features of the patient. The doctor has to represent accurately what physiological loading is born by the procedures appointed by him. To one patient massage suffices, and another needs a package of measures. Sometimes thoughtless appointment that and this leads to irreversible processes in an organism.

In this regard do not hesitate, having come to treatment, to ask the license of this establishment and the document confirming specialization of the doctor. All documents have to be issued by the state organizations, and treatment - to be carried out by skilled doctors to whom health of women is not indifferent.


Massage - fine. means against cellulitis. It stimulates activity of lymphatic system, accelerating blood circulation, and promotes, the rassasyvaniye of fatty hillocks and a softening of the hardened skin sites For daily massage will be suitable a brush with a soft bristle or gunny; for more intensive - simple masseurs with wooden or plastic pimples, and also electric with different nozzles. Do massage by quiet movements, since anklebones and gradually moving ahead up: to calves, knees and hips. Make more efforts for buttocks, massing them roundabouts.

Affected areas should be massed strong roundabouts better with use of anti-cellulite gel or cream. Massage with use of sea salt and various peeling means has salutary effect on skin. Only you remember that it cannot be done to once thicket in a week.


For it is required to you natural honey - lime, flower, buckwheat. To process hips and buttocks, 2 teaspoons will be enough for you. It is possible to add several drops of your favourite essential oil to them (5 drops of oil on 1 teaspoon of honey) - honey anti-cellulite massage with aromatherapy elements will turn out.

Apply honey on palms and begin to pat yourself on problem sites. In a few minutes honey will be absorbed in skin and palms will begin to stick to it. Do not stop - on the contrary, gradually increase force of slaps. And not just you thrash yourself, and, for couple of seconds having strong pressed palms to skin, sharply tear off them. For want of habit it is sick, but beauty, as we know, demands the victims. Besides through several sessions you will get used and, perhaps, will even begin to enjoy. After 5 - 8 - a minute session of massage take a warm shower and grease skin with something moistening.


the American scientists declared recently that silver or melkhiorovy spoons - the best tool for massage relieving both from cellulitis, and from wrinkles, and from a skin obvisaniye.

Before procedure a spoon moto cool, heat, flavor or grease zhno with honey. The main thing is massage movements. Clockwise - with pressing, against - only easy strokings. The inside of a hip demands massage from below up, and external - on the contrary. If at you it turns out to make such massage vigorously so that muscles were properly warmed, the effect of lifting is provided to you. To Play the spoons it is recommended as often as possible, it is better daily for 20 - 30 minutes.

Also do not forget that the main secret of your beauty and elegance is an inexhaustible energy and constant activity!