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Kitesurfing - GREAT SPORT.

Kitesurfing - GREAT SPORT. SPORT of the FUTURE! It inserts

is unreal! If you had enough

patience, courage, persistence is responsible to go, then for ears from a spot will be not to drag you.

But will be able to reach up to this point most rested, for this purpose you need to overcome a course - or independently (what we persistently do not recommend to do to you) or in kayt to school (it is possible also at our UNHOOK school.

I then - you join ranks of the kayter who are torn off from realities of daily life, will begin those who can with withdrawal pains in muscles suffer lack of wind, its wrong force, either its wrong direction, or mad collecting in 10 minutes and departure on spots the SOUTH - and under the forecast.

It is new, absolutely free, independent and not too choosy kayt school. We want to break a stereotype that kiting is expensive and inaccessible sport. Our main idea is advance of kitesurfing in the masses, inexpensive and high-quality training in kiting, sale of the equipment at the actual prices (it is so much how many it actually stands up, but not an overpayment for the same equipment as ours, but only for a big name). If finance is limited, we would always will offer inexpensive / at sets, in a good shape, new equipment of last seasons or we will help to acquire equipment on credit.

We consider that it is better to ride the unpretentious equipment, than not to ride in general!

Training goes not on hours, as usual it is accepted at the majority of schools, and before achievement of the end result. The end result this sure driving on water. After the termination training passes into the mode of joint driving and consultations on technology of driving.

We use an individual approach to each comer in our school, considering his experience, skills and other qualities, namely - a physical state, ability to ride a veyka, skis, a snowboard, ability to float also another, an opportunity to leave under the forecast for training (Kiev and the SOUTH) or rigid temporary and territorial attachment and respectively weighing everything ZA and PROTIV from it we also build the price.

We provide training both in Kiev and Kiev region and in the south of Ukraine, namely in Odessa, Nikolaev and on the Crimean peninsula, and also exit nonseasonal training - it is Egypt, Cyprus and other warm places of driving in the winter.

If you became interested, but did not solve yet whether all this is necessary to you, then you can learn about the next wheelchair and independently, or on our transport to come out to that place where we ride to see all the eyes and to ask the questions interesting you.