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What is geopathogenic zones and why they are harmful? by

It is noticed that: in some zones of accommodation, people, it seems, without any

on that the reasons, died from cancer from generation to generation. Such zones

were called cancer damned told terrible

stories about them. Actually the death occurred for the reason connected with

action dangerous terrestrial radiation .

Zones where it is shown terrestrial radiation are called geopathogenic

zones. The name it comes from the Greek words: geo / ge / - the earth and

patos / pathos / - suffering + genesis / genesis / - an origin.

Undoubtedly - that terrestrial radiation is essential and

an obligatory starting factor in pathogenesis of many heavy

diseases! These radiations are connected with underground water streams, with

geological faults and special power grids which

have the name: M grid. Curry and E. Hartman`s grid. Practically in each

house, office or a site it is the share of several square meters one

or several geopathogenic zones, formed by either water veins, or

by breaks, or power grids!

It turns out that the thin power

network is as if thrown over the globe. This some similarity of conditional lines of meridians and parallels,

only with that difference that there is it really and in the different

form is perceived by everything living. Fragments of such world system, but more

of small scale, come to light in each room in the form of

of biopower strips. These strips differ on the intensity,

to structure, the linear sizes and orientation. In them is registered

of a congestion of electrons, ions and active radicals of gas molecules. And in

crossings of similar strips local zones in the form of spots,

the high level of concentration of radiation in which is especially harmful to

of the person, are formed. As a result the grid representing the whole

number of the separate mutually crossed vertical walls about 20

wide - 30 cm (for Hartman`s grid) and columns - in places crossing turns out (in

knots). Walls of buildings, overlappings and roofs for them not the barrier,

of radiation freely pass through them.

Hartman`s grid (the name comes from a name of the doctor E. Hartman -

of the head of institute on geobiological researches in Germany). This

a grid still is called the general as it more or less evenly

covers all terrestrial surface and has enough

regular shape of a lattice. However, sometimes it is possible to find also deformation of this grid from - for

of temporary fluctuations of magnetism of Earth or temporary magnetic and

electric storms, however after cancellation of forces,

which caused similar deformations, the grid takes the initial


The grid (see drawing at the end), represents a number

of separate parallel vertical walls 20 cm wide. Height of their

beskraynya. One of them go in the direction the North - the South, others to

the direction the East - the West. They cross each other and in places

of crossings are formed so-called Hartman`s knots in the diameter near

of 20 - 30 cm. These knots represent a column section ≈ 25x25 cm which end

is lost far in a source of the radiation. In these

hubs there is some type of accumulation (a big congestion) of energy.

Therefore they also represent the danger centers, especially if these

knots are accompanied by other sources of harmful radiations as, for example,

with Carry`s knots, then the knot sharply increases the activity.

Carry`s Grid (the name on doctor Carry). Unlike Hartman`s grid,

Carry`s grid goes in the direction of North - the East and Hugo - the East (see the drawing

at the end). Practice shows that this type of a grid not always differs in

in stability, and aspires to any knot of Hartman. According to this theory

Carry`s grid is crossed in every third knot of the Hartmanovsky grid

North - the southern direction and in every second knot of the Hartmanovsky grid

East - the western direction. Tops of rhombuses which are

in knots of a grid of Carry settle down at distance about 5 - 6 m the friend from

of the friend that makes about 30 - 40 square meters therefore such

knots, even in the biggest apartment will be no more than 1 - 2, at most 3

of Change of a condition of plants and animals in geopathogenic zones.

1. The slowed-down germination of seeds of cucumbers, beans, peas, a radish and

of grain;

2. Change of maxima and minima of yeast;

3. Experiments with mice. At cultivation them in GPP (a geopathogenic

zone) clear deviations in the weight, fertility, and change

of behavior (a consuming of own brood), in comparison with

neutral zones are noted;

4. Experiments with rats at whom, various growth

of the imparted tumor is noted. Growth of a tumor - clearly accelerated in GPP.

Practical advice: If you keep houses of animals, fowls, fishes, then

give them an opportunity to choose to itself places for a lodging for the night and

of continuous dwelling. Otherwise animals will be ill, and you

risk excess expenses on their inoculations and treatment. Before

to get a big aquarium, experiment at first with small: define

in what place of the apartment seaweed will grow best of all and

fishes will have the brightest coloring.

For today all. To be continued!

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