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Whether there were secrets in preparation of a shish kebab?

Staying at the dacha cannot be presented the rest without shish kebabs in the fresh air - it the tradition is known to many thousands of Russians. To bungle a tasty meat dish to everyone on forces, however for this purpose it is necessary to know some secrets of preparation of a shish kebab. Let`s share them with you.

We will begin with how to choose meat for a shish kebab. Here the main principle - meat has to be young and fresh. Frozen in a shish kebab will be rigid and tasteless. With it also the ready pickled shish kebab sold in supermarkets in buckets can sin. Therefore be not too lazy and go to the nearest market. The best meat for a shish kebab, whether it be pork, veal or mutton, you will find exactly there. If offer pair - do not take. It as it is not strange, in shish kebabs turns out badly.

Than it is better to pickle meat for a shish kebab each inhabitant of the Caucasus will tell you. We will give you the simplest recipe of preparation of marinade for a shish kebab: on 1 kg of a pork neck we take 200 grams of onions, 50 grams of garlic, one glass of kefir, and also salt and pepper to taste. We pickle meat not less than 2 - x hours.

For a shish kebab it is better to use firewood of deciduous breeds of trees. The charcoal received from branches of an apple-tree, cherry or a pear is especially good. It gives to meat unique fruit aroma. And here it is better not to use firewood of coniferous breeds for preparation of shish kebabs.

What you would not choose a way of preparation of a shish kebab, it has to be by all means fast, i.e. on strong to heat. Only then meat will be gentle and juicy. For this purpose do not forget to warm up previously a lattice or skewers not less than 5 minutes.

Know before giving a ready shish kebab to a table, it needs to give to have a rest 3 - 5 minutes.

Bon appetit.

As you can see, is present no special secrets of preparation of a shish kebab.

We can give still one more advice, namely how to arrange good picnic at the dacha with an impromptu when meat for shish kebabs is not prepared or already eaten.

Replacement to shish kebabs - the sausages fried on a lattice. Who remembers the far childhood, did not forget, probably, the recipe pioneer shish kebab . It when the piece of boiled sausage was wrapped in the newspaper, got on the stick pointed since one end and fried on fire fire. We will do approximately too most, but in the civilized way.

For preparation fried not the lattice of sausages will be suitable practically any grade of sausage or sausages. It is not necessary to pickle them. The only thing that should be made is to make an incision these products which are so loved by our people that they got warm quicker and did not burst when frying on coals.

Such unusual sauce well will approach this fast meat dish. For its preparation it is necessary to mix mayonnaise with barbecue sauce in a proportion 2:1. Your fried sausages with sausages will immediately gain smoked smack. And if to add to sauce also small cut tomatoes, cilantro or parsley and ground black pepper, then such dish can give odds and to shish kebabs.

Well and in the end, instant simplest recipe of a shish kebab. Take sausage. Cut it lengthways. Put inside a cheese slice. Wrap sausage in aluminum, oiled, a foil. Bake on a lattice of 5 minutes.

Bon appetit.