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What is tequila?

How many types of alcoholic drinks each of us knows? And how many from them we tried? One of the least popular drinks in our country is tequila and she did not receive sufficient demand only for the reason that we know about it a little.

So, tequila. Pride of Mexico. The drink often called by the Mexican currency, surrounded with a set of legends. 10 - 15 years ago it was the true exotic for our compatriots. Today tequila can already be found on counters of the Russian shops and there are even clubs of admirers of this drink.

The real tequila - the same that the real champagne, cognac and Tokay. In 1996 EEC officially recognized it as the Mexican national krepkoalkogolny drink (fortress makes 38 - 40 degrees), and from now on " tequila; only that drink which is made directly in Mexico can be called and has the inscription Hecho en Mexico . Production is monitored by specially created Council for supervision.

History of this drink began at the very beginning of the 17th century when a certain Don Pedro Sanchez de TAGLI founded the first factory of tequila. Drink very quickly became popular, and the authorities even imposed a special tax on trade in a new product. In the next century tequila began to be exported abroad Mexico, and its production was under personal control of the Spanish king. Don Jose Antonio de GUERVO became the first who obtained the license for production of tequila. The brand which it let out of Jose Cuervo did not lose the popularity and today.

The beginning of the 19th century when Mexicans fought for the independence, and then were at war with the United States, became gold time for the tequila which was carrying out a role of a peculiar currency. At the end of the same century Mexicans could adjust export of drink to Europe. And in 1968 after in Mexico City there took place the Olympic Games, tequila won world recognition, and since then its popularity only grows.

Tequila is made from a blue agave. The plant resembles superficially pineapple of which two-meter leaves - needles stick out. The term of life of an agave makes 8 - 12 years, and weight can reach 70, and even 90 kg. From one fruit receive up to 10 - 12 liters of tequila. From a core wring out juice, pour it for fermentation in special tubs and overtake twice. After endurance in oak barrels tequila is ready to the use.

Depending on endurance tequila is divided into four types. Blanco (white unrestrained) spreads on bottles at once or within a month after production. Gold tequila - joven - turns out as a result of addition of the caramel giving color, taste and aroma of the matured drink. Reposado - is maintained from 2 to 11 months in huge oak tubs. And, at last, anejo is maintained in barrels from a year to five years.

How it is correct to take this drink? There are several ways. One of options arose while Mexico desperately fought against a flu epidemic and the absent drugs were replaced with tequila with salt and a lime. Put on the back of a palm slightly - slightly salts, cut off a lime segment (as a last resort, a lemon) and take a pile with drink. Licked several grains of salt, made a draft, have a snack all on a lemon - and you can consider yourself as the real Mexican.

The next way received the name tequila - boom : the tall glass on 2/3 is filled with tequila, then added shvepsy or other carbonated drink, is covered with a palm and sharply hits against a knee. It is necessary to drink at once, foam did not fall down yet.

Tequila is a part of one of the most popular cocktails of the world - Margarita . The edge of a glass is wiped with a lemon, dipped in salt, and only after that the glass is filled with cocktail.

Mexicans quite often wash down tequila sangrity - mix of tomato and lemon juice with addition of burning pepper. Besides, use tequila as an additive to soft drinks - to tea or coffee.

Now we cleaned the gap existing in knowledge concerning tequila, and to here drink this drink or not - to solve to you. Feast pleasant to you!