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Fashionably and not hot - what to carry in the summer?

At work or on vacation, there is a wish to look attractively in the summer. But the heat dictates the terms: once you go outside, and the fashionable dress sticks to a back. There is a wish to dress a sheet and bedroom-slippers! How to put on to look stylishly and not to melt from a heat?

In the summer the clothes in which it is possible to go for work are necessary, and to walk on the embankment in the evening or to sit in cafe. At the same time the dress has to keep a tidy look and to be convenient.

Excellent option - a summer shirt. Its silhouette allows a body to breathe and does not hold down movements. Classical breed of a shirt is pertinent in any situation. It is enough to undo two buttons from above and from below, to add a large pendent or a bright tie - and in strict office shirt it is possible to go to club or on a visit.

Having several summer shirts in clothes, you will always look faultlessly!

What shirts in fashion this summer?

2010 are actual

In a summer season quiet, muffled tone:

white in all its interpretations. In fashion not only it is bright - white, but also cream, dairy and powdery shades;

absolute black. Color, unusual to summer, is offered as evening option;

gray in all its variations: from light-gray to a steel shade.

Also color accent of summer - is made 2010 on natural shades. The muffled options of blue, blue and green flowers are actual beige, corporal, sand tone, and also.

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How to bypass office dress - a code?

Strict dress - the code does not allow to appear at work in a shirt with flower drawing. But it is not an occasion to refuse fashionable details and identity in clothes. Our councils how to remain within dress - a code and to emphasize the originality.

Councils for the choice of men`s shirts:

a shirt with a stand-up collar and a sleeve safari . Leaving office, you can easily turn a strict shirt into an easy shirt with a short sleeve;

a classical shirt with a level and a collar of a contrast color. For example, the traditional white shirt takes a fresh and unusual form with a striped collar;

a shirt under cuff links. Once you add to such shirt a tie - a butterfly, and the dress for a smart exit is ready.

Councils for the choice of women`s shirts:

a shirt - a tunic with pockets on a breast. At office such clothes look strictly, and in an easy situation, in combination with a bright belt - it is effective and attractive;

a shirt - baud. If after work the party is necessary, it is possible to replace office skirt with fashionable shorts which will make courageous ensemble with a shirt - baud;

a white shirt with a sleeve - a small lamp. Touching small lamps will add romanticism to severe office everyday life.

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