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Children: what to do if the situation became too difficult?

Ya checked diapers again - pure and dry (and any crumbs, pins which could irritate her). Probably, she was tired - I tried to put her to bed, but she was as sober as a judge. But the level of decibels of its crying considerably increased. I decided to feed her again - gave its small bottle with juice - she calmed down at once, sucked few times, again threw a small bottle and cried as loudly as I never heard earlier.

It is necessary to direct its attention to something else - I thought. I began to show it photos, allowed it to touch different objects, but nothing helped. She cried so loudly that began to seem to me that now glasses will begin to take off from windows. I already was on the verge of despair. I tried to double-check - diapers, a dream, food. Result - she began to cry even more loudly and became even more upset.

Passed more than 20 minutes since that moment as Dayana began to cry, and I began to worry outright. Perhaps it has an open appendicitis? Or parasites corrode her intestines? Or something else not as it should be with her body and it torments her? I began to think of a call of ambulance seriously.

And then to me the idea which became one of key concepts in my work with parents, teachers to whom I helped to cope with difficulties in education and training of children came.

Instead of complicating something (to think that it has some awful illness in a body), I looked at it simply. I thought: What can be the most obvious cause of its frustration? It were no wet diapers, it was not tired. Means, it has to be something, connected with food or drink. And then I UNDERSTOOD that it has to be: in orange juice there is a pulp which hammers a hole in a nipple therefore Dayana cannot suck and it is the reason of its frustration!

I examined a pacifier and here it - this awful pulp! I cleaned a pacifier and brought a small bottle to Dayana.

Dayana lay in a bed and cried, I gave it a small bottle, without pulp in a nipple again this time. She sucked few times, quietly, and looked at me so that I still remember her look. So much time that you understood it Was required, do not allow it to happen again! She sucked a pacifier enough, and I at last could sit down quietly in a chair and relax.

What I really understood from this situation, this following: if the situation seems difficult, it does not mean that the decision has to be difficult. I worked with teachers, parents and children (all age) worldwide, holding seminars and consultations. I found out that in 90 - 95% of cases when you look for and you find the simple, most obvious reasons of problems, it leads to the simplest and obvious decisions.

Very often we do not notice simple solutions which are found directly at us before eyes as it seems to us that the decision has to be difficult and it is difficult to find it.

In the subsequent articles I will share with you other simple solutions which I found and which helped to resolve even the most difficult problems arising at education and training of children. Wash it Pulp - orange - " juice; - approach to search of decisions.

Reference: Bernard Percy is a teacher, the consultant, the expert in the field of education of children and the solution of family questions. The father of three remarkable, already adults, daughters, the author of books and numerous and publications, among which How to grow up the child councils of children to parents Help the child with " school; Force of the creative letter The amazement Moments - about that how to become the best father from 1998 to 2003 the editor-in-chief and the cofounder of the " magazine; Converge .

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