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How to overcome a hungover syndrome?

rest and entertainments, often, intertwine Presently with drinking of serious doses of alcoholic drinks. And long ago it is known that the normal Russian muzhchik drinks in three cases: when it is bad - from a grief when it is good - for pleasure and when all is normal - with boredom.

Generally - oh this Bakhus! Today to you also all is cheerful on a shoulder. And it is rare which of us, in this round dance of shot glasses, bottles and glasses remembers that the holiday will come to an end soon and there will come morning.

Morning from a small letter. Hands, probably, shiver? The main thing that it did not turn out, as in that joke:

Diary of the idler:

Woke up, wanted to undo a pajamas - tore off buttons.

Undertook the door handle - tore off.

Very much I am afraid to go to a toilet.

Familiarly? It is not obligatory for that who declares that they never faced a similar state to read further. You still here? Then here to you several valuable advice according to the prevention of such state.

To win against the enemy, first of all, it is necessary to understand him. And so, if it consoles you, - the reason of a hangover is quite simple.

After alcohol got into a liver, special enzyme begins to turn it into another, more poisonous, substance - ethyl aldehyde. If the liver does not manage to transfer ethyl aldehyde to new connection - acetate, it gets to a blood-groove, and then to a brain, adrenal glands and other our bodies that causes an organism stress, nausea and other troubles.

Besides, alcohol is followed by sleeplessness. The person deprived of a deep sleep after several days turns into the izderganny neurasthenic. I hope, it does not threaten none of our readers, and still?

I offer you three ways of fight against a hangover: to suffer, reduce sensitivity of an organism and not to bring an organism to this state.

The first way is suitable for stoik more. The last way is extremely simple - either do not drink at all, or drink moderately. If the person drinks moderately, transformation of ethyl alcohol into acetate takes place more or less successfully. And here on intermediate option - decrease in consequences - we will also stop.

The prevention of a strong hangover

In 2 - 3 hours prior to a feast is recommended to drink 50 g of vodka. It will prepare an organism for loading. If there is opportunity, then mix vodka with eleuterokokkovy tincture - it the wonderful plant almost completely will relieve you of morning torments.

In process

Have a snack best of all on boiled potato and sauerkraut: they neutralize effect of alcohol. Before binge it is recommended to drink a tablespoon of vegetable oil or crude egg: they interfere with alcohol absorption. And under good snack it is possible to drink a bucket of vodka also.

MORNING, First aid

some drugs, for example, aspirin, paracetamol, the German means " will help to Kill a headache; Alka - seltzer and set of new preparations. However, searches of means from painful consequences of alcohol intake, originate in hoary antiquity, and recipes in centuries collected much:

The wide shot glass needs to be oiled vegetable or olive so that on an internal surface of a shot glass there was a thin oil film. To place two teaspoons of hot tomato sauce, one crude egg yolk, a teaspoon of lemon juice, salt, red and black ground pepper, 1 - 2 tablespoons of vodka or pepper brandy in a shot glass.

to Blink as it is possible stronger and to swallow mix at one stroke. Then to lay down on a sofa, to close eyes, on a forehead it is possible to put a wet cold towel and to lie in such condition of minutes 15.

And Americans, for example, are sure that correctly made cocktail can become the best medicine. They in 1993 arranged the presentation in the bar King Cole Bar of a nu - York hotel St. Regis of the well-known " cocktail; Bloody Mary proclaimed panacea from a hangover. Since then Bloody Mary steadily takes the leading positions in ratings of " cocktails; peak mi aps (in a literal translation - encourage me - loyal friends of those who suffer from an abstinence syndrome.

In Mexico (who would doubt!) too know how quickly to restore health. Krudo or resaka (so here the hangover in Spanish is called) it is overcome by most of Mexicans by means of very hot and very spicy food. Alcohol and dairy products as it is strange, are in this process means second echelon .

Recipes set. Not to list all of them. Yes identity of organisms will better prompt how to struggle with an illness. Personally for me the best way - Mexican. Hot, spicy meat soup.

To the intellectual on a note

all people of the world have ways of fight against a hangover, as well as the isolated name of this state. Here what I managed to collect:

guele de bois - a wooden snout (at French);

of katzenjammer - cat`s howl, crying (at Germans);

of ressaca - kickback, the return surf stream (at Portuguese);

of jeg har tommermenn - carpenters in the head (at Norwegians);

of stonato - upset, with the broken musical system (at Italians);

of the morning after - morning after (at British);

mamurlyuk (at Serbians);

of el crudo (abruptly) (at Mexicans).

Health to you!