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Somehow my daughter told that the sweet word I still would add honey - warm. Now the beginning of June and already the first honey began to appear on counters. It would be desirable to warn trustful buyers - do not take this so-called May honey, if this honey, for example from Ukraine. So honey cannot early be mature, I tell it to you as the bee-keeper with a long standing. Not conscientious bee-keepers aspire that is called - to snatch. The first honey is usually much more expensive. Therefore as if there was no wish to try, you do not hurry, or take a small (mayonnaise) jar. Not mature honey cannot long be stored, it will begin to ferment because there is a lot more moisture. How honey becomes? Bees collect nectar, bring in a beehive, there bees of the acceptance inspector take away it and put in the lower cells of sot, and remove the wings moisture. In process of maturing of nectar it is transferred seal wax above and when honey ripened they it. If you saw on the sale honeycombs with honey, then can be paid attention that honeycombs are covered with wax - it is mature honey. It is possible to define a honey maturity so: take him in a spoon and turn - mature honey is reeled up on a spoon, accumulating folds as the tape, and flows down from it not interrupted threads, and unripe honey will just flow down from a spoon.

by means of the same simple experience can reveal the padevy and forged honey - they last from a spoon not interrupted thin threads while at flower honey the lasting threads at some point break. What is padevy honey, these are sweet allocations of insects and allocation of leaves, these allocations collect bees if there are no flowers. Padevy honey is highly appreciated in many countries from - for high content in it, first of all potassium and other valuable components, so, that it is not dangerous to the person. stata

K the crystallizing honey not bad as consider some. Process of crystallization testifies just to high quality of a product - low contents in is mute waters.

the Counterfeit and forged honey is very usual in our markets. Usually applied substance is the ordinary sugar divorced water in the form of syrup and flavored with various aromatic substances. This preparation usually mixes up with the real honey, and in practice this way is strongly widespread. you know

A that mix with medical? Sugar syrup, potato or corn treacle, flour, chalk, gelatin, wood sawdust and other loose substances.