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Whether the parent is ready to go to school?

Author: Natalya Sikati - Zhuravleva

at school tell much About training of the child for life, but pay not enough attention to training of parents for this difficult, responsible and for them to the period.

Whether you know how to help the child in this hard time of adaptation to new life?

There pass the first weeks of occupations of the first grader. All tiptoe houses and talk in a whisper when he does homework, daily look through its notebooks, praise for pure, without page blots, admire diligence. But gradually adults get used that they in the house the school student and cease be touched to his school uniform and a satchel, diligently removed letters and drawings. Nobody regulates radio receiver loudness, calms the kids frolicing near the pupil`s little table, nobody seeks to put him to bed in time.

The father tears off it from lessons, inviting together to look at soccer, mother even more often charges to be engaged in the younger brother or to help in kitchen. Any more the festive proud atmosphere is not felt and, what is even worse, interest in occupations of the school student vanishes. Parents help it to overcome difficulties, inevitable during this period, less. So can proceed up to the moment when the first two or an opening remark in the diary, the first negative statements to the child appears from the teacher.

Happens and vice versa, interest in affairs of the beginning school student does not fall, and opposite, goes in the line of ascent, getting sometimes ugly unhealthy forms. Together with the first five ambitions and strictness of parents grow. Remember, you have to be best of all! - they repeat, and the seven-year-old slogger is literally bent under burden of the hopes laid on it and ambitious aspirations, he just dares to acquit them.

And to parents it is already not enough the touched kettle with " millet; here to you, friend, two more: in parallel you will learn more deeply English and you will practise music seriously.

Mother and the father do not accept the letters which are diligently removed by an inept tired hand any more, they force to be engaged the child in hours, to cram and even do a lot of things for him that it turned out more beautiful, than at Makarov and to deserve the teacher`s praise. (as if the kid for it, but not for himself studies)

However not only pride and ambitions do not allow parents to sleep peacefully. Often the first period of life of the child at school causes in them offense or jealousy which they diligently hide. Offense because the child already stopped being the kid, a sole property of mother and father that to have to get used to his new psychological independence. And jealousy as the child found new object of love and admiration in the person of the teacher therefore allows to argue sometimes with the father on some question, having declared: And Lilia Ivanovna told what it so, she - that precisely knows!

Difficult happens to refuse a role of the only authority and object of love and to agree to a role of the adviser and friend - true and clever, but not the only thing any more. The child begins to think in a new way, he has new reactions, new friends. And in what degree we will take part in his life, depends on our attitude towards the child, on whether we will manage to approach it as to the personality with her individual inquiries, reactions, ability to worry... The first years of study of the child at school is a serious test not only for the kid, but also for parents.

Harmonious adaptation of our child to school life, his latest progress in study and in self-realization in a huge measure depend on us, parents.