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Whether everything “the children imparted“ surely get sick or to a question of inoculations of

the Fragment from the book “ Infancy Ecology “ Leonid Kitayev and Mikhail Trunov`s


Whether all “ not imparted “ children surely get sick? Life shows that it not so. “ Not imparted “ the child not always gets sick even after close contact with the patient. Means, viruses and microbes not cause an illness in all and, so are not in itself the reasons of diseases.

More and more scientists adhere to this point of view today. Here, for example, that Rudolf Virkhov, the father of the microbic theory declared the last years: “ If I could live life at first, I would devote it to the proof that microbes look for the natural dwelling rather - sick fabric, than are an etiology “.

Now about statistics. Yes, some number of children regularly dies of various infectious diseases. But among them there are also immunizirovanny children. However it turns out that the vast majority of not immunizirovanny children did not receive an inoculation because of delicacy of health. Thus, we have no other than natural selection. Yes, children die. But those which health anyway was in the menacing state. And here the medical statistics just also does not report about it.

A victory over smallpox - the brightest argument adduced in favor of immunizations. However actually the question is not so clear as it seems. There are some data.

“ The English history contains the interesting facts concerning smallpox. The smallpox coverage actually extended with introduction of an ospenny vaccine. Before 1853 (and about 2000 death for the two-year period occurred full vaccination). Approximately in 20 years after the program of vaccination for these years began to work, there was greatest epidemic of smallpox to 23062 victims. The cities in which most thoroughly forced to vaccination (i.e. Leicester and Sheffield) were especially strongly struck … with

the Short view of statistics for the USA: 1902 - 2121 death when ospenny vaccination was at top of the application, 1927 - 138 death when the most part of the population refused it. Approximately in the same time Philippines experienced ten years` campaign of vaccination against smallpox - to - effitsiyent mortality grew from 10% to 74%``.

Besides: “ It is interesting that from 1860 for 1948 in England there was an amazing decrease in diseases of measles (94,1%), scarlet fever (99,7%) and whooping cough (91%) without vaccination. Diphtheria for which serumal immunization was used decreased less considerably, than the specified diseases “.

Today more and more loudly the question sounds: whether for the account of increase of level of sanitation and hygiene incidence decreases? Then at what here vaccines?

Whether doctors know about consequences of inoculations? Of course, know. Know also that they can be very serious. But coolly explain to you that it is the normal phenomena that there is it seldom and is some natural payment for health of all population. Then it would be logical to ask every time to parents a question: whether they are ready to offer the child for the sake of health of the others?

Without going into details of medical character and the concrete facts, we will make some generalizations of a selection of the materials published in the American magazine “ Motherhood “:

1) Efficiency of the majority of vaccines makes, at least, no more than 50%. Immunizirovanny children also have those diseases from which they are immunizirovana. It pushes on a conclusion about doubtfulness of vaccines;

2) The inoculation destroys natural immunity. The fact that even healthy children after inoculations begin to catch a cold and have other diseases more often is also explained by it;

3) Vaccines are highly toxic. There are some substances which are contained in vaccines: phenol, formaldehyde, timerosat or mertiolit (compounds of mercury), alum, aluminum phosphate, acetone, glycerin, components of pork or horse blood, pus of a cow udder, brain tissue of a rabbit, dog renal fabric, chicken or duck egg white, etc. The modern technology does not allow to make vaccines “ pure “.

4) Danger from vaccines most often is more, than from diseases. For example, injuries of a brain, a spasm, strong heat can be consequences of an inoculation from whooping cough. AKDS inoculation consequences - an ataxy, lag in development, purulent meningitis, epileptic frustration, a hemiparesis etc.

Even without rejecting usefulness and efficiency of immunizations, it is logical to assume that inoculations are necessary for only quite limited number of children. It is known that do not do to strongly weakened children of inoculations (here consequences, fortunately, are realized). Healthy they are hardly necessary to the child. There are only children whose natural immunity is as if on some side behind which the illness can easily - curl time. To reveal this side rather difficult. But it is not expedient to do inoculations to all not only from - for possible consequences which it can render on health of all population and which we cannot realize fully yet, but, at least, and not ethically.

As for an ethical aspect of a question, we will mention one more circumstance. Production of many vaccines is connected with murder of innocent animals, and even primacies (for example, by production of a vaccine against poliomyelitis renal tissue of monkeys is used). Remember dumb animals when you lead the child to do an inoculation, and think over that, the way of a survival, and very doubtful, due to murder of others is how worthy the person.

Parents always have to have the choice concerning inoculations. Unfortunately, there is no choice not only, but also accurate information. And it is not surprising. The huge number of physicians among whom and very titled professors and academicians works on a problem of vaccination. And as it often happens, the feeling of the importance is much more important than truth for many of them. In it, perhaps, the main reason for the fact that for a long time we will be stuffed with false statistics and to frighten by an infection that we did not lose faith in a vaccine - this “ " holy water; modern medical religion.

It is obvious that the best way to strengthen health - to increase natural immunity, natural ability to resist to an illness. Means are for this purpose also rather obvious: natural way of life, physical culture and hardening, and also increase of level of sanitation and hygiene.

We mentioned above only the most basic, in our opinion, the moments connected with natural cultivation of the kid without setting a task in detail to describe all arising questions and nuances. In it there is no need. Once again we will note that the roditelstvo cannot be reduced to the list of recommendations. The main thing - to acquire the basic principles. And further - your creativity.