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How to avoid boredom in family life?

Eventually any married couple the fatigue and boredom traps. The more the experience of family life, the more probably you will overtake disappointment. the Fatigue struck with

your relations if you feel that you were bothered by continuous quarrels and offenses, it becomes is a pity for itself, presence of the loved one does not please, you are visited by thoughts that you made the wrong choice of the partner, spent with this person time for nothing, to you frankly laziness to fight for preservation of these relations.

However there is always a hope for treatment, it is just necessary not to neglect everything for now there is time - to urgently take measures. So...

1. Do not turn into homebodies. Household chores, routine kill romanticism and novelty in the relations. Change a situation, you visit, leave with friends on the nature, go together on the vacation. Expand a circle of your habitual entertainments. Visits of cinema, theater, on fishing and cafe - everything is good, the main thing - together and with pleasure.

2. Do not go in cycles. Be able to switch if you are at work, forget about house problems. If you constantly think of the problems, then you will not find a way out but only you will finally wallow in negative emotions. Of course, it is difficult, but make efforts, be disconnected from cares, and then with the fresh head you will undertake overcoming of difficulties.

3. Find to yourself work to liking. Play sports - run, swimming, dances, yoga, walking on skis and even usual morning exercises - it is extremely useful for health and for obtaining positive emotions. Embroider, knit, prepare new dishes, draw, you mold from clay, write articles, be engaged in interior design, read the book, eventually. The person who is carried away by something besides household chores, is much more attractive and interesting as the personality.

4. Have sex. Psychologists claim that couples sleeping in different beds begin to experience to each other cooling much quicker. Nothing so unites spouses as mutual love, physical pleasure and caress. Any disagreements are solved quicker if at couple everything is all right with sex. Never refuse sex to the partner from - for his bad behavior. It is fraught with full cooling of the relations.

5. You give tenderness. you do not stint caress, kind words, however it is necessary to know when to stop and not to abuse tenderness, it becomes boring too and bothers.

6. Can prolong feeling freshness in the relations if during conversation with darling to concentrate on positive moments of life . Remember something pleasant and interesting and you share it with the spouse.

7. Of course, it is impossible to underestimate rest together, but also it is not necessary to abuse it, especially during crisis. Otherwise it will turn into series of quarrels which will spoil to you all impressions. It will be better if from time to time you descend in cafe with the friend or you will just get out to walk on park alone. The last, by the way, promotes streamlining of thoughts.

Remember that with this person you connected the finest minutes in life, solve problems, but do not run from them. Also do not allow temporary boredom to destroy your family life.