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Whether it is possible to be in time much for academic year?

We continue the story about one of schools of Applied Education begun in the previous articles. The graduate of school, Nicko speaks.

At " school; Delfay you some time work in ethics section as responsible for an ethical condition of other students. You work every day and as long as it will be necessary. Each person who comes in Delfay to study, some time here as such responsible works. It occurs when you reach a certain level. Because in order that the person could increase the ethical level of other person, it needs at first most to have rather high ethical level. You can be engaged in it 2 weeks, month, two - yet be not trained until in Delfay will not see what you can really do others ethic. Only when you achieved this result - can do others ethic - you finish this test.

Also everyone studies something to practical skill there. For example, I was learned on the chief - cooks. That is I worked the chief - the cook at this school and was responsible for that 200 people were fed. Also I became a photographer. Still I learned to edit video and to create DVD. I learned an actor`s profession. Also I was trained in one of the dancing directions. I learned to draw pictures. Still I headed tennis team of our school, mastered work with ceramics and I can make different pottery. That is you really much everything do at school.

Everyone at school chooses those occupations which are pleasant to it more. For example, my friend. It undertook such project - to completely change one room. It was terrifying. Also it was necessary to make of it the room for photography that there was also dark room - for development and other works. And how you think - as he received money for it? He created the project on fund raising at school. He called parents and raised a lot of money.

Then he decided suit a lottery. He sold tickets and as prizes he had bicycles, stereotape recorders, and other similar things among which there was even a two-day trip to Hawaii. Other project - too on restoration of the room. It was not less awful, it changed it in studio of audio - and video and installation. He equipped it with computers for creation and editing video. Then it opened and it was necessary to find responsible for training of students in how to work with all this equipment.

But I want to tell that I am not some unique graduate Delfay . There are many other graduates who were engaged in similar and very different projects where other knowledge and skills are required absolutely. For example, there were such students who while they studied at school, opened as own business of studio.

Or there was such guy - Skye the Dayton. It founded the EarthLink company right after the termination Delfay applying those skills on bases of the organization which he studied in Delfay . Exactly here he received those bases which gave it the chance to organize the business. Now it is the huge company in America. He sold it. There is such example.

There is such course which is called Bases of the " organization; train us here in how to organize. It is a basis of how to do business. At first you define to yourself the purpose, the main plan, develop strategy, programs, projects, paint specific actions which need to be made really to achieve the objectives. Skye Dayton applied it and founded the company. It is what was made by him. And each student Delfay uses this knowledge for the sphere of activity.

I would like to tell you about how I am organized and there passes day in our school. At 8:30 occupations begin. All get up when want. I got up in 8. Very quickly took a shower, had breakfast. The breakfast is made by students, they serve all. At 8:30 we began occupations. All come on 4 - y the floor, at 8:30 muster: very loudly call everyone, and there about 200 people. Till 10:45 all study. I usually since morning had a reading and the letter.

And that was healthy that when there was a mathematics (and it very much was pleasant to me), we did tasks on the computer. We trained addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and all this was on speed. Also we calculated percent. We made all calculations in mind. We put four-digit numbers and learned to do it very quickly. That is did calculations in mind, entered the answer into the computer and all this should be done very quickly because the task was for a while. Such trainings happen over the entire period of training in Delfay .

Then from 10:50 till 12:20 again occupations. Approximately one-hour break for lunch is farther and is up to 15 farther - ti all study again. Then after-dinner activity begins. At this time you can walk. Also you can go to classes on a vocal, the photo, drawing, ceramics, sewing, - to all anything that you would like to learn. I, for example, very much liked to sew.

Then at 18 o`clock dinner. Then usually there is free time. And at first after I got in Delfay I just hung about there. But than longer I studied in Delfay the more I understood that I should study at this time, but not just to hang out. And it actually what usually happens to students there. Because there everyone has a purpose. And when you are long enough trained in Delfay after 18 - ti when all have supper, you go to study again. I studied until late at night, to the release. Here so usually also there passes day in Delfay .

Apparently from the story, at school the plan formulated by L. Ron Hubbard is really realized: That the civilization survived, it is necessary to bring up at school at children a habit and abilities to training. The school is not that place where give children that they did not get under feet adults during the day. It would be too expensive pleasure. The school is also not intended to do of children of parrots. The school is a place where develop ability to study and where children can be prepared for a meeting with real life, to teach them competently to cope with it and to prepare for taking in hand the tomorrow`s world in which today`s adults will be already elderly people and old men.

What allows to realize this plan is the technology of training developed by it, and also other tools: at school it is necessary not only to be able to train in sciences, but also it is necessary to support discipline, and also to be engaged in administrative affairs. If you want to open the school using the technology of training of L. Ron Hubbard giving strong knowledge and understanding of the studied objects in the activity you can address in Applied Formation of the CIS. To study technology of training to help to master more successfully new knowledge to itself and to the relatives, it is possible on courses of Applied Education in Moscow or the next to you the center, and also according to books Learn to study or Guide to training bases .

Be competent!