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How to avoid a stress at children?

We all hurry behind miracles

Remember words from a song: all of us hurry behind miracles ?. It seems that we, ordinary mad parents, hurry to delete the word " as soon as possible; miracles from the child`s life. In one kindergarten even say that the childhood is till two years, work on the future begins then. And we hurry to give the child on all sections at once. However, as without English, without music, without sport?. And we begin to develop systematically the child, adding courses, sections, studios, clubs to the school program. You want to walk? Let`s surely go. But in 54 minutes. And now we have a creative development. We will read 18 minutes, to draw 22 minutes and 14 minutes to listen to music

Of course, there is a wish that the child was developed not worse Olenyok which is 3 months more senior than us and is already known by 75 English words or Petenki who is more senior than us everything for a month, but already reads and considers to 10 ! And the kid, as one would expect, does not maintain a rhythm (because you gentle and vulnerable, at it have it not steel nervous system), earns to himself psycho - an emotional overstrain which you try to remove, dragging the kid on doctors in breaks between occupations at school, figure skating and French. What to do, from intensive training programs you will not get to anywhere? The aspiration of modern mothers to give to the child as much as possible knowledge is quite clear to

meanwhile to

meanwhile the children overloaded with occupations are often subject to a stress, and similar psycho - the emotional overstrain can cause very serious frustration in the child. For example, depressions, fears, nervous tics, violation of a self-assessment, infantility etc. List, unfortunately, long. You have to be attentive if you see sharp change of behavior of the child: the kid becomes whimsical and uncontrollable, does not want to go to school or kindergarten, it seems intense or scared, closed, complains of pains which the doctor cannot diagnose. Children of 3 - 5 years can sometimes return to a pacifier or again there is a problem wet bed . If these problems proceed long time, or at the child is some of the following symptoms: the uneasy dream, speaking or circulation in a dream, frequent blinking, the kid cries much, often happens in bad mood, is not able to play with other children, is not able to concentrate, began to stammer - surely address the psychologist.

It is necessary to be especially attentive to the child when in a family there are any changes (the birth of the second - the third kid, divorce, moving), or changes happen in life of the child (for example, it replaced school or a garden).

School days wonderful

Potentially stressful period through which there pass all children is the first time in the first class . Children`s doctors even noticed that by the end of the first quarter of training some first graders grow thin, begin to complain of headaches, become whimsical. At this time the child needs to help to cope not only with psychological, but also with physical activity - he needs to sit the whole lesson in one pose. Of course, it is better to get used to such schedule prior to the beginning of academic year.

In general it is better to be prepared for school in advance. And not only to learn to read and write. The child will postpone this potentially stressful event better if he knows as as has to occur. Tell what rules of conduct at school as there take place occupations that is possible and what cannot be done. Also do not demand from the kid only of good marks and excellent behavior.

The best medicine against a stress

High expectations of parents - one of factors which often cause a stress. Of course, it concerns not only schools, but also all additional classes. At the same time nobody will help the child better, than his own parents. Their moral support is the best medicine against a stress. Be attentive to the kid and do not forget to say to him about how you love it, both what it strong and clever.