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Secret of the successful Author conferences

: Denis Baluyev

, What is necessary to hold the excellent, interesting, memorable conference? Nobody can give the exact recipe: delightful action is more similar to a difficult dish where total result (and taste!) depends both on quality of ingredients, and on skill of creators. But, as well as in a case with cook art to learn to hold the first-class conferences it is possible, observing and participating in the best of them.

Last Saturday in Novosibirsk there took place conference of bloggers of V in which your obedient took part. I will tell at once - conference was successful. I as the participant and the viewer, took great pleasure both from reports, and from the process of carrying out action. It seems that organizers of conference managed to grope a magic formula of success:

* Interesting reports

* the Accurate rhythm of maintaining, without pauses and confusion.

* Easy, free atmosphere, real-life communication of audience.

* Faultless support of volunteers

* Tasty, and therefore always desired coffee - breaks

At conference generally experts from other cities. Alexander Amzin, the chief - the editor of the section IT of the Tape. ru, told about subtleties of communication of journalists and bloggers. Vitaly Klamm showed the tremendous movie (a slideshow plus music) of Sergey Maksimishin Last empire which this picture entered, for example, and also showed the works, not less impressive.

Also guests from Krasnoyarsk Ira Guryeva and Zhenya Mamenko pleased - thanks to authors of the I Hate Shopping project I learned about existence of the concept hyper local content also understood that not all things should be scaled. Got acquainted with the most interesting Sergey Schmidt who quite clearly designated the situation which developed with regions our immense in the report Virtual decolonization of Siberia .

On, and for V we together with Ilya Kabanov, Ilya Stakheev and Egeny Mezdrikov declared creation of the electronic magazine Russian colonist where I keep the section Practice . If it is short, then Colonist - it is the magazine how to make our today`s life a little it is better. Well, and if you want more long - you visit the website Colonist also look through its pages. We very much tried to make them interesting.