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How to keep a breast krasivoydo before childbirth?

Pregnancy, and in the period of a lactation this time when are required for your breast

special attention.

How to keep a bust, and successfully to raise the baby

the milk?

What is necessary for a breast before pregnancy.

step 1: lose excess weight

So you avoid emergence of extensions during pregnancy and a lactation. At the normal body weight

the breast approximately for 25% is filled with fatty tissue and for 75% of ferruterous. If there are extra kilos, then it is more fat in a breast if near ferruterous fabric there is superfluous fatty or even an additional fat which you can increase during pregnancy, then from such loading to stretch the sheaves supporting a breast therefore after a lactation it droops.

step 2: use the creams strengthening breast skin

Special cream, the containing elastin, silicone and vitamin E, strengthens breast skin, increases its elasticity. They not to relieve you of already available extensions, but will prevent to emergence of new. Begin to apply cream before pregnancy.

step 3: prepare nipples

If at you flat or plainly - the pulled-in nipples, you should prepare before pregnancy them for feeding of the child. The kid will not be able to take the flat or pulled-in nipple, after pregnancy a breast to increase and the nipple to become even more not pliable.

Is several ways to help it:


Involve 2 - 3 times a day big and forefingers of hands of a pacifier, and for 3 - 4 minutes delay them. Do massage every day to currents of month.

A vacuum method

to you it to be necessary for of b the special device (it can be bought in drugstores) on a nipple dress a cap, attach to a mug, and from a nipple via the nipple pump out air. Then the piston is removed, and the nipple, remains extended in a cap.

At pregnancy massage, and a vacuum method are not always possible as it can cause reduction of a uterus.

step 4: will limit hot bathtubs

of the Breast in general high temperature is contraindicated, it provokes loss of a tone and flabbiness of skin. If you the lover to take a steam bath, then try to be limited 10 - 15 minutes.

What is necessary for a breast during pregnancy

a step 1: temper heaps

Daily, making a morning toilet, arrange a contrast shower for a breast, rub off it a bast circular the movements (left a breast - clockwise shooters, right - against hour)

After a shower wipe a breast a terry towel.

step 3: strengthen skin of nipples

That when feeding on nipples there were no cracks, it is necessary to help skin to coarsen in these parts.

for this purpose for the whole day, spread in a bra at the level of nipples, rags of linen fabric.

step 4: choose a bra

On 3 - 4 - months of pregnancy buy m a bra for pregnant women one size bigger than your usual. And on 6 - m month - - one more is one size more. Acquire linen only in shops for pregnant women, or in drugstores. There is a guarantee that the linen conforms to the quality standards and has necessary extent of support. If a breast it is not reliable it is fixed at pregnancy, there can be its otvisaniye after the delivery.

Use these simple rules in everyday life, and your breast will always be to iron young and well-groomed. Good luck to you!