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To learn English it is not necessary to study it?

At a boundary 80 - x appeared various new techniques of teaching English redefining priorities. There was an idea that, adults can be trained if to transfer their attention from a training subject to something else, more interesting. At the same time training can become only a background, pleasant additional activity which becomes productive - just because nobody demands from it efficiency.

It turned out later that business even not so much in attention shift from studying of language per se how many that during interesting occupation this attention so becomes aggravated (and as a result - memory) that is trained pleasantly and effectively.

It turns out to study English - not obligatory to go for occupation with thought " at all; today I should learn 20 words and it is much more important to be included in occupation process to pay attention to details, to be interested in what happens in group.

Also it should be taken into account very important point: language exists in order that to use it and in it to communicate. Therefore, it is necessary to communicate! Yes, yes, there is as much as possible, let in the beginning simple words and with the neighbor in a school desk, but in several months - with foreigners, and in beautiful, correct language. Let in the beginning will seem to someone that these - that, the words studied today on occupation, he for certain knows and will never forget. The key to successful communication in a foreign language is a continuous communication, continuous training - pronunciations, creation of phrases, the uses of words. We learn the native language, constantly repeating the same words, constantly using them in the speech. Is it worth waiting that with foreign business will be somehow differently?

Here it is necessary to return to the childhood and to remember - as everything began? At first - mother, the father. Then - endlessly mother and the father, sometimes and a mapa. But nobody reacts to this word therefore it is forgotten by itself. Then this huge dictionary and sound stock is not enough, it is necessary to think out something new. What? These strange adults call gu pigeon, and thick - toy. What to do? If you want that they understood you, it is necessary to learn to call objects as it is done by them. That`s all, nothing difficult - the method is suitable even for two-year-old. Then, of course, instead of gesticulation and grimaces there are simple sentences which give way more difficult.

Whether the child knows that he learns language? It is unlikely. More likely, he knows that he wants that now it was taken on hands, and then gave that toy which lies too highly, and it is impossible just to reach it. And for this purpose it is necessary to report about the desire, to communicate with world around. Here and the recipe of success - desire to communicate plus people around which also want to communicate. All ingenious is simple.

And now we will look what occurs on the majority of courses. Conjugations of verbs, times, rules of arrangement of the terminations. Perhaps from - for such the number of unnecessary information it seems that adults are incapable of training? The child stuffed with rules will cease to listen to the teacher. Adults are brought more up, obedient and agree to compromises. What as a result? The notebooks which are used up by rules, dictionaries which are used up by words and a transcription. And what with communication?

One student who was occupied several months on such courses endlessly demanded from the teacher of colloquial courses to formulate for him the rule which he could write down in a notebook. When on occupation business reached communication between students - and it that why they came here, he became flustered and could not utter words. Not one day for understanding of the fact was required that governed - it is knowledge which does not facilitate, and slows down communication. Instead of telling what already is on the tip of the tongue the rule forces to think of grammar - but not of what to answer the interlocutor.

By the way, on our course of English where students in 8 - 9 months are trained to speak quietly ordinary, daily English, nobody will force to learn the rule of grammar. Here students communicate - in English, and from the first occupation learn to do it correctly and quickly. And it is huge plus. When process of learning of foreign language is as close as possible to natural, to that which all of us passed in the childhood. Therefore process of training becomes such fast, and is so effective. And the emphasis on communication - in couples, in group, with the teacher - adds a keen interest and turns serious occupation (read: boring lesson ) in fascinating pastime.

To learn English, it is not necessary to do double work. It is better to visit a good course where the correct technique and the pleasant company do the part. You want to check? Register in a free fact-finding lesson of a course of English of Applied Education, and learn English, communicating!

Aleksandra Zharikova,

teacher of a course of English

of Applied Formation of the CIS