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The first sex - it difficult most

the Author: Tatyana Almazova

You more than once thought of it - about the first sex. It cannot still be presented in all details, but one is clear: it will be terrible and healthy at the same time and will be remembered well.

I Will open for you a small secret: very many women remember the first sexual experience (contact) as something unintelligible and unpleasant. Even if there was it on big and beautiful love. But it is at all not the reason to be afraid of the first time even more, than you are already afraid of it! It is only an occasion to think that it is necessary to approach a question of the beginning of sex life very seriously and judiciously - even if the head is turned from the first love, and life is fine and surprising more than ever.

As hints and actions of young people become more and more frank, girls even more often ask themselves a difficult question - To Begin or wait? . To be defined, it is necessary to admit at first honestly to himself whether you want it and whether you can make it.

I want? there is no

, it not at all that I want you which with the burning eyes is said by heroes of movies and books. At young girls sensuality is not developed yet. Doctors say that the maiden organism allows to feel all delights of sex only from 18 years. In practice sensuality develops weeks, months, for many years. As a rule, at the very beginning of sex life the speech can go only about easy sexual desire - pleasant feelings at kisses and embraces and desire to move in this direction further.

In our case I want - it more likely desire emotional, a condition of psychological readiness to begin a new stage in the female life. And here the storming beloved hormones, curiosity and girlfriends who said goodbye to virginity are not strong reasons to start YOUR sex life in any way. I will be


Unfortunately, quite often ardent gentlemen begin to blackmail: a pier, prove that you love, there will be no sex - between us everything is over. It seems that it is simpler to concede, than to leave, - you are in love. But believe: having allowed to manipulate itself, you will very quickly be disappointed also in the act, and in the one to whom it was devoted.

Not in the best way events develop and when the girl voluntarily decides to leave virginity and presents it only as the victim though the young man does not insist on anything. Usually it leads not to strengthening of the relations, and to constant reproaches: a pier, I gave you the most expensive, and you... Remember

: if the girl makes the decision on the beginning of sex life, she has to make it FOR HERSELF and bear for it responsibility. Even if you love and it is loved, and your friend - the person on whom in every respect it is possible to rely desire to enter intimate relations comes not at once. If there are though slightest fluctuations, it is better to wait. You will see - time will come, and from them there will be no trace left also. You noticed that we do not speak about concrete age? It because on the question When it is possible to begin sex life? the answer in figures is simply incorrect.

Ya I can?

As physiologically it is possible to lose a virgin pleva at any age, the question of opportunities is considered from other point of view. That the beginning of sexual life developed successfully, you have to know a lot of things: as women and men are arranged; how to be protected from pregnancy and diseases which are transmitted sexually; what ways of so-called emergency contraception etc. exist of

Think, you will be able to come to a drugstore and with a straight face to buy means and the drugs for adults ? And whether you will have for this purpose enough money? Whether there is a place where you will be able quietly to meet? You will be able, without hesitating, to come to the doctor or to be deciphered before mother if there are problems with health? Even if the partner it is oath promises to help with everything, consider and get used: in this question it is better to hope only for himself.

Literally with the first intimate contact enters life constant concern: whether will come monthly whether the partner will bring some infection Whether not too heavy responsibility for in what you so far - in all honesty - do not feel a special need?

the Trick

A now - keep to the point and to a body. Adopt a little technical the moments which will help to make the beginning of sex life more comfortable.

* to Young inexperienced people for a start is better to be engaged in a petting (everything is possible, except sexual intercourse). It pulls together, learns to derive corporal pleasure and does transition to sexual intercourse natural.

* At defloration is not as sick as many girls represent. But even these feelings can be reduced. Most easily the defloration passes in a pose when the girl lies on a back, having bent legs in knees and having pressed them to a breast. Under buttocks it is good to put a small pillow or the roller.

* If is not enough own greasing, it is necessary to use a lyubrikant.

* Painful feelings arise from - for narrowness of an entrance to a vagina and muscular tension. That to reduce them, to you it is necessary to try to relax and resolve to stretch as much as possible previously to the guy an entrance fingers.

* From - for discomfort the girl instinctively wants to push away the partner, but it is at the crucial moment better to move, on the contrary, a body forward and to accelerate a rupture of a pleva.

* If is decided to have sexual intercourse, caress has to be directed one achievement more psychological comfort, than to sexual excitement. The rush of blood to genitals can strengthen bleeding and morbidity.

* Blood is lost symbolical quantity, and can not be it in general. Nevertheless it is necessary to provide access to water and means of hygiene.

* After the first contact it is necessary to wait several days for healing of small wounds and anguishes. At this time to the girl it is necessary to be greased, except podmyvaniye, with glycerin. If there is no poshchipyvaniye, burnings - means, everything began to live. However it is at first better to be zealous not too.

* If after a number of diligent attempts nothing is impossible, it is necessary to leave temporarily them, and to the girl - to consult at the gynecologist.

* the First act demands protection, as well as all others. Even if a pill is taken, use of a condom - for protection of the microflora is desirable.

* do not make a claim to the friend concerning absence of magic feelings. They in most cases come only over time.

* do not draw conclusions - neither about own sensuality, nor about male abilities of the beloved, nor about sex in general.

To what to be - not to pass to that. Sometime the key in the lock will turn, and before you the door to the new world will open. Than more you know, than sincere want to get there, especially and joyful your first steps will be sure. And if at once somewhere you stumble or even you will fill cones, it is not an occasion to be frightened and be upset: the road will be mastered by going.