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How to sunbathe without the sun? Use of autosuntan.

the season of holidays Began, and it means that many of us will go to the sea or will sunbathe on local beaches, and so there is a wish to look beautifully even in the first day of a beach season. On this case there are two exits: sunbed and autosuntan.

In the first case at observance of all rules during 10 - 15 sessions it is possible to gain pleasant skin color. But time for procedures will leave much.

The second exit - autosuntan, imitation of natural suntan by means of cosmetics. The most widespread among them - creams which are called bronzers or " autobronzers; the containing special dyes thanks to which a body some time will look suntanned.

Autobronzers interact with the top layers of epidermis, and such suntan descends in process of peeling of the become lifeless cages, that is from 3 to 5 days.

Bronzers just paint over skin. The effect of suntan arises at once after drawing means. A lack of bronzers - instability of paint which can be dissolved and soil clothes at hit of moisture. Also often on skin there are stains.

Still there are tablets for suntan. They contain canthaxanthin - a pigment which at hit is inside postponed in body tissues, painting over them. Canthaxanthin gives to skin various shades - from orange till brown color that depends on amount of the accepted substance. Canthaxanthin is laid in light - and a tsvetovosprinimayushchy cover of an eye (retina), causing a kantaksantinovy retinopathy. In this regard tablets for suntan with canthaxanthin are forbidden in the USA and many countries of Western Europe.

Creams - amplifiers will help to accelerate process of natural suntan. They contain the substances strengthening pigmentation of skin. Considering the fact that convincing data on data security of means are not obtained, they are forbidden to distribution to the USA and many countries of Western Europe.

To achieve equal and beautiful suntan, it is necessary to consider several rules:

1. For a start it is necessary to choose a desirable shade of suntan. For this purpose apply autosuntan on the small closed part of the body, and wait color will not be shown yet.

2. Select the means having a color basis it will help to trace uniformity of causing tone.

3. Before drawing means remove excess hairs on a body: legs, area of armpits.

4. Take a shower with a bast and a srub, as much as possible polish skin.

5. Carefully dry and wait so far the body will cool down, the steamed-out skin promotes uneven absorption of means.

6. Apply the moistening means (cream or a milk) on skin and let`s it be absorbed.

7. In order to avoid coloring of palms do intervals between drawing on different parts of the body to wash up hands, pay special attention to sites between fingers.

8. Cause with the quiet massage movements autosuntan, since legs.

9. Pass knees, elbows, ankles and a foot, skin on them is thinner therefore rub in them cream which remains on palms.

10. For putting cream on a back the help of the girlfriend or friend is desirable.

11. On a face especially accurately process lines of growth of hair, eyebrows, nose wings, it is for this purpose better to use a wadded tampon. Do not use autosuntan under eyes, on centuries and lips. It is possible to mix autosuntan with day cream 50/50, it will promote uniform drawing, and will help to avoid unexpectedly dark or striped colors.

12. The inside of hands has to be less suntanned therefore it is here too better to use a wadded tampon.

13. After drawing carefully wash up hands, a cuticle, nails - a brush and

14 soap. Roughnesses of a layer can be modified juice of a lemon or peroxide of hydrogen.

15. Do not abuse autosuntan, better it is less, but more exactly. Suntan can be corrected next day.

16. After causing autosuntan let`s it be absorbed approximately within an hour. It is desirable to put on something very free this period, or not to put on anything. It is desirable to sunbathe for the night and to take a shower without soap in the morning (it it is undesirable to use from - for alkaline structure). If you need to go somewhere, then it is better to put on dark linen and clothes as during the first hours putting fabric can be painted.

It is possible to use autosuntan so many time how many you wish, usually two times a week. And one more small moment: it is necessary to consider that causing autosuntan demands certain skills.

Now the choice for you. Be beautiful!