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Love formula. Part 2

With all variety of shades and emotions, perhaps, the most complex human feeling - love is called by neuropeptids and connections, on a chemical composition similar to amphetamines. And, as well as passes many processes, love in several consecutive stages.

Stage 1. Love.

At the first stage the formula of love consists of a feniletilamin, and also a dopamine, adrenaline, a norepinefrin, cortisol, serotonin and love carries the name. Secretion of a feniletilamin increases sympathy, emotional warmth, sexuality. The fact of short-term life this substances is interesting. His life is measured only for minutes.

Synthesis of a feniletilamin begins in a brain at a meeting of the attractive person. As a result, the love can flash literally at first sight. Development of a feniletilamin in a brain and its subsequent distribution on nervous system plays a crucial role in emergence covering at a view of darling of excitement and desire to aspire to it when it is absent nearby.

the Dopamine is responsible for human pleasures and in addition reaches the maximum level in an organism during sex, and secretion of this substance begins even in the course of its expectation.

the Follower of a dopamine is norepinefrin or noradrenaline similar in the action on an organism with cocaine thanks to what the love literally excites. Adrenaline in turn promotes mobilization of all organism at the sight of darling, causes nervousness, tachycardia and breath.

the Formula of love would be not full without cortisol which in a condition of love gives to an organism a mad impulse of energy under the influence of which lovers are not hungry, to sleep.

A here the content of serotonin - pleasure hormone, at lovers is less norm twice. Such indicators are observed at patients syndrome of obsessions . Thus, the phrase that the love is similar to madness has justification.

Unfortunately or fortunately, love cannot last eternally. And the biochemistry and a notorious formula of love is besides guilty of it. Eventually, and it is concrete in 1 - 3 years, the organism begins to get used and to react tolerantly to action " drugs; love. Eventually, influence becomes less and less expressed, people leave and move off in searches of new partners or pass to the following stage for which other formula of love is inherent already absolutely.

Stage 2. Attachment.

At this stage the organism uses endorphins, oxytocin and vazopressin. This formula of love is urged to resist to the high level of a feniletilamin and has the calming effect, giving to the person an opportunity, at last, to relax, feel more comfortably and surely.

Endorphin - happiness hormone causing euphoria during appointments and even thoughts of darling. Grew blind with happiness - the most exact characteristic of this substance. And that the most interesting, endorphins provide effect which can last for many years.

Among other things the formula of love includes oxytocin which is actively participating in reactions of sexual excitement. Moreover oxytocin increases a level of credibility and participates in formation of human relations, exerts the strongest impact on a maternal instinct. Oxytocin reduces feeling of tension and uneasiness of people at contacts with each other.

Very similar in a molecular structure to oxytocin, hormone - vazopressin by results of some researches, is capable to regulate a monogamy. It is supposed that secretion of this hormone is responsible for attachment and, eventually, for the strong social relations.

As a result, this formula of love is capable to guarantee the long and strong relations.

In spite of the fact that the love formula is known long ago, the recipe on its basis cannot be bought in a drugstore, and hardly it will become available in the future. All these wonderful substances have such tremendous influence only when are developed directly in an organism.