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In what reason of degeneration of the Russian nation?

Russia faced demographic crisis about 20 years ago. Just after antialcoholic campaign of Perestroika years ended. More than 16 years mortality in Russia exceeds birth rate. Every year we are 1 million less! According to the last population census of men in our country on 10 million it is less , than women. Average life expectancy of the Russian man of 58 - 59 years . That is the majority does not live up to a retirement age! If so goes further, then we are threatened by total degeneration of the nation soon.

Measures for elimination of demographic crisis which are taken now by the state, seem not only ineffective, but also reckless. What the country reached?! The state pays us money for that we, her citizens, copulated for a reproduction more safely. Such measures not to solve a problem! Think, it is favorable to the state that to its shelf arrived, but what will become with those who will be born? Too will not live up to a retirement age? And it is favorable to the state too - it is not necessary to pay pensions!

If the state really cared for us, then it would eradicate the reason, but would not fight against a consequence.

I think for anybody not a secret in what the reason of degeneration of Russians. Alcoholic plague mows Russia, and nobody in the government lifts this problem! When M. S. Gorbachev`s daughter studied as the physician, she in 80 - x wrote years the thesis on the leading causes of death in the country. The statistical researches conducted by it shocked not only it, but also the secretary general. I do not know whether Gorbachev`s daughter defended the dissertation, but its researches coded soon. In the country the well-known antialcoholic campaign began. Reaction of the people to it was extremely inconsistent. Someone damned and hated Gorbachev, and someone was ready to bow down and thank for rescue of the fatherland. You judge: for all 70 - summer history of the communistic state birth rate not just exceeded mortality, and just flew up up to the ultraboundary heights. In a consequence of this event in 7 years at schools there were not enough places, and through 17 - unknown competitions at institutes for one place - on 20 - 30 people!

After putsch, collapse of the USSR and Gorbachev`s leaving, the ban on alcohol was withdrawn, and it poured down rough streams in masses. Import were added to our alcoholic products - and walk the Russian Ivan the Fool! Alcohol again corrected situation with demography in the opposite direction. Mortality began to exceed birth rate again, forming on the demographic Russian schedule (see the picture) so-called Russian cross . the Cross put on the Russian nation. And Russians.

Why alcohol is so pernicious for the Russian nation? The answer is simple: Russians treat the northern people, and the northern people become an inveterate drunkard very quickly. If to give to some Evenk or the Chukchi a vodka bottle, then after the fifth shot glass it will turn into the alcoholic. Therefore at the northern people of Russia this problem is on the first place. There alcoholics do not live till 40 - 50 years! We, the northern people, have no immunity against fermentation products, and distillation what all southern people which drink wine have, but alcoholics do not become.

And now I will list those factors of mortality which turn out to be consequence of alcohol intake, and you estimate scales of the Russian accident:

- alcoholic poisonings with substitutes or from overdose of

alcohol - murder during drunk fights or because of jealousy. From today`s release Let speak : the drunk young man set fire to the apartment of the rival where there were a rival, his mother and the girl who was the cause of jealousy. The girl was killed in fire.

- road accidents which reason are drunk drivers or pedestrians. Today`s news just shocked me: the drunk driver of Mercedes brought down at a stop and dragged 500 meters under wheels the pregnant woman 16 - the summer girl. The child died, the girl has numerous damages. In the car of an obmnaruzhila of the dead-drunk driver and two in the same state police officers!

- death in the fires because of not extinguished cigarette, careless handling of fire and so forth

- death from frostbite when the drunk person falls asleep on a frost. Fact: in Novosibirsk on one New Year`s Eve, during hard frosts, died of frostbite of 60 fairly drunk inhabitants.

- mass riots: well-known Khodynka Russian Airborne Troops Day, fights on football matches, a crush in the subway in Kiev on a festival of beer where several tens teenagers (generally young girls) and thousands of other cases died.

- rapes which victims are young girls and even children and that it is even more disgusting - own children of alcoholics, and as a result - a mental trauma for the rest of life or inability of girls to a child-bearing

- for anybody not a secret that overwhelming number of our children lose virginity at parties and in clubs where take alcohol and drugs. The number of the girls resorting to abortion till 18 years over the country is critical. It is known that only of 30% from them will be able to have children in the future.

- alcohol is the reason of heart diseases, destructions of a liver, in general there is final fracture of an organism, namely:

- alcohol destroys cells of a brain. Remember a condition of a hangover. The heavy, hooting head. It is an organism tries to remove the destroyed cells of a brain from - under a cranium which accumulated there, by means of their washing away at the expense of moisture of all organism. For this reason the person tests well-known dry trees . The died-off cells of a brain are brought out of an organism through urine. Process is clear? Drank - urinated own brains! At long alcohol intake a brain it is irreversible collapses. When at alkoglik open a cranium, find a brain half smaller by the sizes, than in the normal person. There is the return evolution of the person in the lowest being. You did not notice that at all alcoholics of the person become similar over time, how at the children having a Down syndrome?

- alcohol destroys gametes - both at men and at women. In a consequence of it the probability of the birth intellectually or physically defective child increases. To prevent such consequences, the man should not take alcohol before conception of at least 100 days. And here it is contraindicated to woman to drink in general as unlike man`s gametes which are constantly updated female gametes are exposed to continuous negative influence from alcohol. Consequence: the number intellectually and physically defective children in Russia becomes menacing...

I think, already follows will stop as it is possible to list these consequences for a long time. And how long we, Russians, will drink? Perhaps it is time to stop and reflect? Did not bore you to listen to drunk reports of road accident, murders and accidents with which news programs daily abound? I will not believe for anything that none of you know any person among the family and acquaintances who left this life, ruined by vodka or wine. Let the earth it will be down, of course, but how long we will continue not to notice what occurs directly at us near by?! Really at someone on commemoration of the relative who died of alcohol or the acquaintance, the hand with a pile is raised? Imagine, rises! In it there is also a paradox of the Russian person which consciously puts an end to itself(himself).

Well, then we will drink, dear reader, for the peace of the Russian people?

P. S. Who is concerned by this problem or At whom it is particularly acute especially, advise to get and look on video at lecture of professor of Zhdanov Alcoholic terror against Russia which goes in the people and from which I partially borrowed materials, and you receive even more shocking particulars. The movie can be downloaded from the Internet here: samohin. ru/video/zhdanov/index. html

P. P. S. After lecture viewing the author of article if earlier also plaid about sometimes beer, then now does not use at all :) what he and to you wishes.