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How to make the life more saturated? 10 Rituals of Scintillating Life

How to make the life more saturated? How, having changed small to come to big results? All ingenious is simple! Such method is described in many sources, but and effective 10 Rituals of Scintillating Life described in the book Robina Sharma " are especially practical; The Monk who sold the " Ferrari;.

In general, looking at the list, many will tell, as without book carry out already most part of rituals. However the key moment is that it is necessary to carry out everything 10 and every day, then after a while your life will exchange to unrecognizability.


This point, apparently, the simplest, but not here - that was. Try to find the secluded quiet place during the day moreover and that it was pleasant to you)). In general, in fact - this ritual means some kind of meditation when you need to remain alone with yourself and to leave deep into itself. To renounce wordly cares and to enjoy a unification from the Universe which surrounds us every second. The fact that this ritual works is checked for 100% and brings benefit!

Physical perfection

Here, I think, all understand what it is about. A sound mind in a sound body ! Sport refreshes and gives force, develops and fills with energy. Therefore it is important to do daily at least exercises, not to mention modern approaches, such as fitness - clubs, pools, etc. of

Healthy food

This part is fundamental because we - what we eat, and it not figuratively and that on is literally because at the neural level there are many processes which create to us both health and mood and an orientation of thought!

It is possible to eat according to the following scheme: good belkovo - a sour-milk breakfast. Then in an hour four a lunch in the form of saturated salad or soup and fruit for dinner! Cellulose which contains in vegetables and fruit is as an elixir of youth and anything in principle will not be compared to!

Immersion in Knowledge

Means reading and studying of various new areas. Expansion of an outlook, so to speak. Because that moment when someone is able to tell will never come: everything, now I know everything! It just does not happen. Therefore it is necessary to find the direction which to liking and to be improved, read, look for and so on. It actually brings pleasure a great lot!


Namely - maintaining the diary. Why it is necessary! Yes just for elementary - to analyse the daily take-off and falling. To experience that day passed, but did not fly by. You will sometimes look at that how much made and it becomes feel ill at ease., It seems, made nothing because at once the result is not visible, and the whole day was engaged in something.

Early awakening

Who gets up early, that and slippers! It is better to rise from the dawn not to contradict the nature and its cycle! In the summer, for example, it is possible to derive pleasure, falling asleep with open curtains that the sun, but not an alarm clock awoke in the morning!


Without music in general to live is unreal! In general, you remember, is such dispute : what at first there was a word or business? And so, I liked Osho`s definition when he wrote that at first there was both a word, and business. Because the word is a sounding, and business is an action. I.e. it can be similar to vibrations. So at first there was a sound which included both the word and business! So in melodies, in music - all our Universe!

the Pronounced word

Mean some kind of auto-trainings. It is better to make them in the mornings to be adjusted on a positive! And in general it is better to exclude all abusive and other destructive words from a lexicon. Get accustomed, listen to the speech of successful people and you will understand what means.

Harmonious character

For implementation of this point needs to show consideration for the character. Pay attention to diligence, compassion, patience, honesty and courage, preservation of purity of thoughts.

Is simple I

Be simpler, and people will stretch to you . It is necessary to clean vanity from life. To learn to place priorities and to concentrate on the main thing. Then everything will turn out by itself. It is necessary to learn to live here and now and to accept every moment as the result of the actions in the past, then will become easier to live, then we will understand that for everything that happens to us, also responsibility anybody`s more lies only our!

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