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How to earn from the website? 7 ways

Traffic are converted into money - it is the law. The website which is not bringing return to the developer - a sad show. If the website works and is visited, then has to pay back, at least, a hosting and costs of the Internet.

So as it is possible to convert visitors into money:

1. Direct sale of references. Is suitable

for the untwisted websites. SEO - masters and a link - managers (specialists in advance in search engines) are engaged in purchase of references from the untwisted websites, here they and need to sell. They are not interested in your attendance, they are interested in two questions: whether it is indexed, sorry, muzzle (the main page) your website in search engines and what indicators of a quoting of your website.

It is possible to sell references, since PR> =3 and tITs> =100 (website quoting indicators). To pump over such quoting not to make work, especially for a qualitative resource. One reference with such muzzles costs from 7 cents a day. For the multilinkovy references (containing several references to different pages of one website) throw with another 30%.

does not need to turn the website into a dump of references, 2 - 4 selling references, no more. Otherwise the website can only do much harm.

Before search of buyers clean with muzzles (I remind, the main page) all excess references to catalogs, ratings etc. Virtue you have nothing.

of Buyers needs to be looked for at specialized forums. Buy usually seriously and for a long time so work to spend 1 - 2 hour for searches of the buyer. do not forget

At placement of references about design, references have to look accurately. Thus you can earn

from $6, pay back a hosting and without problems to be engaged in creativity.

2. Systems of a contextual advertizing. At the moment Direkt are available to

to mere mortals in the RuNet. Yandex, Google AdSense and Runner. The advantage of systems of a contextual advertizing is that they allow to pick up advertizing under a page subject, thereby, doing it more attractive and without spoiling design.

Systems of a contextual advertizing pay for actions of visitors. Most often it is cliques.

If total attendance of your websites is less than 1000 hosts in days, even do not begin. The matter is that the minimum sum for a conclusion - $50 (Runner) or $100 (Direkt. Yandex and Google AdSense). With small attendance in adequate terms you will not gather a minimalka.

The visited resources pass from ordinary advertizing brokers to systems of a contextual advertizing more and more, as I recommend to you. Besides systems of a contextual advertizing are well joined to other advertizing and ideally built in design as part of content.

Still it is necessary to add that at Direkt. Yandex rigid moderation of the websites, and Google AdSense after check of the main website (specified at registration) allows to add advertizing practically on any website.

Here earnings depends on attendance.

3. Advertizing brokers.

Advertising brokers are intermediaries between a web - masters and advertisers. Pay actions of visitors (click, transition, registration). It is worth paying attention to smaller websites because of a low minimum threshold of payments ($1-10) to them. it is easy for

to take Minimalka even to the websites with low attendance, but there is a heap of reefs. The first are moderators who reject unsatisfactory websites.

Further - advertisers who try to use cunning and deceive a web - masters. Let`s take, for example, one of advertizing brokers. Against the system I have nothing, everything is thought over, is accurate also according to the charter, but advertisers

of CTR - an indicator of a klikatelnost of banners, the are higher than CTR, the it is more than clicks on a banner, and the it is more favorable to the advertiser. For normal banners (CTR=0. 7) put the click price 1 cent, a smekhota. If the banner klikatelny (CTR> =5), then is paid for unique displays, as a result you will turn off 1000 displays, will click a banner time 10, and profit of 10 cents at best.

as a result it is necessary to show consideration for programs in which you intend to participate very much. Not everything is so gloomy

, highly specialized programs for the similar websites come across. As a result it can be very favorable.

For the seldom visited websites can be the only way of earnings. Is as follows: to earn a conclusion from what is, and grow.

4. Partner programs. Partner programs pay with

actions of visitors too. It is necessary to work only with different partner programs separately.

Practically did not remain the partner programs paying cliques, all grew wiser and pay only percent from sales. as a result you suggest visitors to buy

something or to order service on the partner`s website and if the visitor becomes a buyer, then you receive the percent.

And that we have: You drove on the website of the advertiser of 1000 hosts, from them 1 - 2 ordered goods or service what you received 2 - 30% of the paid sum for. From odnotsentovy clicks you would receive $10, by the way. And there is still the minimum sum of payment which you could not gain from 1 - 2 sales.

As you already understood, partner programs use cunning too, and wait that the majority a web - masters will not be gathered by minimalka. Large partners are paid without problems, on that by them and large partners.

But in many cases of a partnerka are favorable, and you should not neglect them. There is a mass of nuances which in such small article will not be located. And nobody prevents you to combine partnerka with the ways stated above.

Partner programs suit the websites with average and high attendance, but it is necessary to choose carefully partnerka and to monitor converting of a traffic.

5. Direct sale of your goods.

Ya I do not urge you to open huge shop at once, without experience and serious investments this invention will be doomed to a failure. But to sell information goods or service in forces by all. you can sell to

the e-book on a website subject. Even if you have a website about aquarian small fishes, there will be people who will want to adopt your experience. Articles and materials on the website are the one, and step-by-step management this another. The main thing - materials of the website to show that you the expert in the field.

It can be the e-book, the access to the closed area training audiolessons, video records etc.

This way is easily combined with stated above.

6. Offer of services.

your website can become the advertizing platform you as expert. You can offer services, for example, etc. of

Here too the main thing to prove consultations, writing articles on a subject as the expert. If there is knowledge and abilities, then they will not remain unnoticed.

7. Ask the help.

Not alms, namely help. Write that your website noncommercial and lives on sheer enthusiasm. Ask the help to support the website. If the audience you loves

, then it will work, do not even doubt.

Desperate step and last resort, but nevertheless

Conclusions. As you already understood

, for earnings attendance and a quoting is necessary. Then it is enough to sell references, to cooperate with systems of a contextual advertizing and there is nothing does not worry.

to not untwisted websites is more difficult, and it is necessary to work fine at filling and promotion of the website to make it an income source.

P. S. The websites on a free hosting are unpromising in every respect and can only help to earn on a paid hosting. The majority a web - masters and begins.