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Whether the cost of hours depends on the owner`s salary?

the Watch - invariable attribute of male image which can tell a lot of things about the public status of the owner. Fabulously expensive models of legendary brands decorate wrists of prominent people: politicians, oligarchs, bankers, variety stars. Less famous owners of the high status also give preference to expensive watch of the known and reputable hour companies.

There is an opinion that the cost of hours has to equal to the size of two monthly salaries of the owner. However this unwritten rule has a set of exceptions. Devoted admirers of the Swiss accuracy will choose expensive watch with a name, irrespective of the salary size, and true judges of fashion will prefer exclusive models with original design. Watchmakers consider that it is better to do the choice by heart, hours are more, than just an accessory. statistically, the ordinary person looks at the watch more than 20 times a day, and business - is twice more. The thing expensive to heart is capable to increase working capacity and to lighten mood. If every time, having looked at the dial, the owner remembers the spent sum, the effect will be the return.

Nevertheless, hours are not that thing on which it is necessary to save. The man knowing the own worth will never buy a cheap fake or model from the unknown producer. How to be that whose income does not allow expensive purchase? You do not progadat if choose original model from the average price range which uniqueness compensates small cost. The conceptual design of fashion - hours of a mid-price segment will tell nothing about the status of the owner, but will unambiguously emphasize his good taste. The income can be different, and the hour range of models in various price categories is rather wide and diverse not to limit themselves in the choice. Open for yourself new brands, look for extraordinary decisions.

to Courageous experimenters will be is ideally suited by fashionable hours - a chronograph of Diesel of the Two model which represent an extraordinary mix of styles. The unusual design concept of unity of contrasts mentioned all elements of a product: case form, bracelet material, design of the dial.

Absolutely black youth hours AR0637 from the Sports collection executed in the best traditions of fashion - the Emporio Armani brand - the ideal decision for the young, but purposeful man. The main accent of model - large rivets on a leather thong. The watch case is manufactured of steel with PVD - a covering.

The stylish judge of fashion will choose quartz fashion - a chronograph of Dolce &Gabbana DG - DW0032 from the Lou collection which is distinguished from the others with a color scheme. The combination white and red perfectly is in harmony with unostentatious refinement of the dial and luminescent arrows.

The imposing man will not remain indifferent to a collection of hours Les Classiques from Maurice Lacroix. This model - a tribute to the Swiss classics. Hours from LC1077 stainless steel - SS002 - 110 represent an elegant accessory with the quartz mechanism, the round case and a steel bracelet.

The best choice for the yuppie - the magnificent Auguste Reymond 39230B Swiss watch. 742 Dixieland collections. They possess the autowinding mechanism supplied with the balance of Glucydur with NIVAROX spiral including 25 stones. The transparent back cover allows to observe work of a clockwork.

The reckless man looks for the drive in everything: the chronograph with a stop watch of Jacques Lemans Ceramic - Chrono F - 5028B from the Formula 1 collection is a match for it Swiss. Hours attract with nontrivial design in traditional flowers of a car racing. The dial is executed in style of the dashboard of the sports car.

Elegant Tag Heuer WW2111 Swiss watch. FC6204 noble blue color represent the Monaco Automatic collection. They are created for the intelligent man knowing the own worth. Hour tags are imposed on the square dial manually. For display of the course of seconds the separate dial is used. The thong from crocodile skin is supplied with a brasletny fastener.

Esthetes and judges of art will find very attractive exclusive hours of Regent Colosseum from Zannetti which differ in original design of the dial. It is enameled, and to it manually paints applied the image of the Colosseum. The limited RCLD16009 series contains only 500 copies. The model is equipped by luminescent shooters and a thong from leather of an alligator.

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