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What is female beauty from the point of view of science?

At the beautiful woman can be looked long, as at fire or water. Female beauty - an eternal subject of admiration and inspiration.

Why we, men, call a female fine? Why from all creations of the nature we recognize the most ideal, perfect a female body? Whether it is possible to explain such powerful impact of female beauty on the man from the scientific point of view? At least, it is possible to try.

But we will not touch here the grandfather Freud who reduced everything to a sexual reflex. In something it, of course, is right. But only half. In total - there is no wish to believe that when I behold Venus de Milo or I see off eyes some beauty on the street, the look forces to detain me a sexual reflex. Excitement and esthetic pleasure not same.

Give fixedly, purely logically, on - scientific (though it and is difficult) we will look regarding our adoration: long, harmonous legs, smooth and graceful lines of a body, allocated from - under clothes a bust, big eyes with long eyelashes, dense, slightly curly hair - everything is created to strike the stronger sex on the spot.

The ancient truth that the man is visual, was always the axiom which is not demanding proofs. But proofs can be provided.

Character of the novel " razor Edge; Ivana Efremova, the doctor Girin in the long monologue - lectures makes interesting assumptions and claims that beauty is a most advanced stage of expediency, degree of harmonious compliance and a combination of inconsistent elements in any device, in any thing, any organism... . I will give several fragments from this monologue (excerpts are quoted).

The highest vertebrata - mammals to whom also the person belongs the main feeling had a sense of smell - it is the leading feeling at animals. Smell - here the main means of attraction and a charm of different gender of animals. The person, with his weaker sense of smell, compensated a lack of this feeling the subject, binocular sight which is sharply perceiving depth and a form. High mental power of a brain of the person even more aggravated concreteness of sight. The feeling of a form became at us very important feeling, and it was immediately used by the nature for a great problem of a reproduction. Sharply feeling a form, except flowers, sounds and smells, we received all scale of feelings of which there is a perception of beauty .

To what first of all the man when looks at the woman pays attention? A face - a breast - hips - legs. That is estimates it from top to down, unlike the woman who estimates the man from below up.

But we will leave the person alone. Features are individual. In - the first, there are no templates here. In - the second, appeal or unattractiveness of these lines - business of individual taste of the man. In - the third, sometimes a beautiful face - not the most important factor of an assessment.

A breast and hips - here two major factors. Quite so instinctively the man selects the female radiating with health who will be a nursing mother for future posterity and who will not lack milk even if will give rise to triplets. And abrupt hips rather a wide basin - a sign that childbirth will go without problems even if it will happen every year for twenty years. On the contrary, the small breast and a narrow basin reduce chances of healthy posterity.

A slender, flexible waist which is also attractive in the woman, is anatomic compensation of wide hips for mobility and flexibility of all body . In the Middle Ages when corsets which served just to achieve effect of the thinnest wasp waist were fashionable, to girls broke two lower edges. Here when, really, beauty demanded the victims! Even presently beauty of the woman, especially mad about an ideal, do it by means of almighty surgeons.

The Anatomic intuition put in us, very thinly. Subconsciously we distinguish at once and we perceive as beauty of line, opposite for different floors, but we are never mistaken to what of floors that is necessary. The convex, strongly acting under skin muscles are beautiful for men, but for the woman we do not consider it as advantage. Why? Business all that normally put healthy woman always has more developed fatty layer, than the man. It is a reserve monthly stock of food on a case of sudden hunger during incubation or feeding of the child. Notice that these hypodermic food stocks in the lower part of a stomach and area around a basin settle down - therefore, this reserve food serves as at the same time thermal and shock-proof isolation for the wearable child in a belly. And at the same time this hypodermic creates soft lines of a female body .

Now about legs. Agree that harmonous, long legs at the woman look better, than short. Women with short legs are not so attractive, but they are come to the rescue by the footwear high-heeled correcting this shortcoming. But and high look better on heels. Why this lengthening of legs is so important? Lengthening, and change of a proportion of a leg - here in what a heel essence is not simple. The shin which becomes much longer than a hip is extended. Such ratio of a shin and hip is adaptation to run, fast, easy and long, that is successful hunting. The most ancient representatives of our type of kromanyonsky race had it, now some African tribes have it. Our esthetic perception of a heel proves that we occur from ancient runners and hunters, inhabitants of rocks, is an unconscious reminiscence of perfection in run. It is necessary to add that heels give to a female leg a steep slope. Here the esthetics directly meets with need of high rise for a light step and indefatigability .

So, the main parts of a body to which the man pays attention, looking at the woman, we considered. There were different trifles which are embellished and supplement an overall picture. Such as hair, eyelashes, eyebrows.

I think, many men will agree with me that the most beautiful are dense, long, a little curly hair and that most of all it are pleasant to us of the blonde . Why many men like long hair? Though, actually, long, dense braids on a belt which carried rural Dunya, not in fashion earlier any more. It is harder and harder to meet girls with such long hair. There is a lot of with them trouble in city bustle, and announcements of purchase of hair for wigs reduce number of our long-haired beauties even more.

Appeal of long hair is the already dying off esthetic feeling leaving because tens of the millennia of people use clothes. Long hair were fixed in our sense of beauty when people during a warm interglacial era did not know clothes yet. An opportunity to cover the small child from night cold at the breast, to protect from bad weather - here sense of long hair and their value for the choice of the best mother .

The fact of general love to blondes is not subject to doubt. They are preferred by the vast majority of men. The riddle of appeal of blondes is covered, perhaps, in their rarity therefore they are brightly distinguished from the dark-haired mass of people. But it is possible that the passion to blondes is caused by the same intuitive choice of the healthy partner. Blondes possess the most thick hair - on their head about 150 thousand hair (for comparison: brunettes have 100 thousand, at red - about 60 thousand), and a thick hair - a health sign.

And in what an essence of a charm of narrow, dense eyebrows and the long, bent up eyelashes?

of the Eyebrow which appointment to take aside the sweat which is flowing down from a forehead and not to allow it to fill in eyes, have to be dense. And at density they should not be too wide that in them dirt did not accumulate, parasites were not got. And beautiful long eyelashes protect an eye better. To us they seem more graceful if are bent up, - the feeling is right because the tips unbent up do not allow eyelashes to stick together or freeze together .

Here is how everything is simple.

But as Girin spoke, it is only a rough basis of our understanding of causality of these or those esthetic feelings. And on this basis millions of years will trudge a charming pattern of a charm of blue, gray, green and brown eyes, various shades of hair, skin, outlines of lips and all other imaginable combinations which number is not less amount of atoms in the solar " system;.

I assume that everything told above can cause indignation in the reader and, especially, in readers that I together with Girin so roughly, on - scientific chilly explained an essence of female beauty. And of course, you will be right. Everything much more difficult and up to the end is not explainable. Human feelings are stronger than natural selection. But agree that some arguments set you thinking. Anyway we will tell thanks to the nature for one of its most successful creations - for the woman!