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Education: how to achieve success?

About what schools happen we began conversation last week. Today we will continue Nicko`s story, the graduate of school of Applied Education Delphi how there took place its training and what results it brought. This story sets thinking on how it is important to get really good education and what it is necessary to understand as these words, gives the new facts for revaluation of ordinary opinion that in the child it is necessary to develop his strengths (and weak to leave as is?) and also awakens new thoughts of what is the correct school loadings and brings to the answer to a question as people become successful in life.

The Program for reading in Delfay makes huge part of other school program. Usually you read more than hundred books here a year. And after you will read the book, you write the composition. When you pass into the senior classes, you read Charles Dickens`s books, Thomas Paine, books it seems Doctor Zhivago 1984 (Orwell). I read all this in 16 years. Everything depends also on how quickly you move. There are children who graduate from school in 16 years. And I know two who finished it in 21. In total differently.

And then you write compositions which set thinking really. For example, we write about communism and about what results of this policy what advantages at this system or at another which we studied were were. Also we study human rights and a course which is called Constitution . It is a pity what such things usually do not study at schools. Actually I consider that those who studied the constitution the legislation in colleges, - to them were very lucky: it leads to the fact that the youth knows the rights. Actually not so many people know them. And it does you very weak - easy to suppress you if you do not know the rights.

We study Platon, Descartes, poetry. Seminars where we discuss philosophical views are held. Ability to state the point of view, in protection or against, is very much appreciated because it demonstrates that the pupil is guided in a subject, to him is what to tell, happens it is visible at once that he understands what speaks about.

So, in Delfay read much. And now I want to tell how there study. Everyone studies itself, studies at own speed. I can sit in a class and study the English, and my neighbor in a table - to mathematician. And when I finish one subject, I can start another here. There is a control leaf in which there are different steps in which it is said that needs to be done: to study the theory, to write the essay or to perform a practical task. These control sheets are developed in Delfay also are identical to all schools Delfay which in the USA about 10 - ti.

So, everyone studies at own speed. Because when you study so that all listen to the teacher who tells something to all at a board, some begin to distract or fall asleep Because for one it it is too easy, and for others - it is very difficult. There are people who are very slow. Also it is impossible to work with such group. Here it is necessary to work individually. It does teaching structure - they work with everyone individually, trying to obtain that everyone unripe apple grew very ripe and beautiful. Even if at you it is bad with mathematics, and at me it is good or I very quickly move, and the neighbor - very slowly.

And as for teachers. We have no teachers. We have supervisors. In what a difference? They just watch how you have affairs, and direct you. But you are yourself you train, are trained independently. And you become capable to train yourself. And by the time of leaving school you leave it, being an own teacher.

You are trained in how to be trained. You acquire technology of training. With this knowledge you can move ahead according to the program of " school; Delfay . This that knowledge which no other schools usually give. And without this technology you have SDVG and the various available " types; disorders of training : children yawn, either are nervous, or jump from places And at usual schools it is considered quite natural. But only until you do not understand what really happens. And if you do not remove the cause of all this, but begin to try to solve a problem, for example, by means of drugs, then receive such problem as education decline.

If you look at education level in the United States, then will see that it falls below and below every year, and now it is really very low. Billions are annually spent for education. But the level when children do not take examinations, take off from school - was never higher, than now. And all this only because there is no technology of training. In any case, it is the main reason. But I stepped aside a little, let`s return in Delfay .

When you study in Delfay you you become " group;. Because you work with students, begin to work with personnel of school, undertake more responsibility, for example. This DVD - I made it with the friends. Ourselves removed it, edited, sozdalidvd. And it - just one of skills which you receive and you master. And in Delfay you do that you want that you like to do in life that you developed and became that whom you want. That became professionals.

Actually that, on what most work hard in Delfay - these are your bases. Your main, basic education - just ideally at you . And having this base you can go in any direction, develop in yourself and do everything that you want.

But I want to tell you that actually not everything is so easy - to study, to live in this school. Because that Delfay does - finds all your weak places and puts you before the facts, forces you to face it face to face. I had three weaknesses. Actually - it is more, but the main, main - three. It is mathematics, reading and settling of problems with other people. And I hoped that I will be disaccustomed in Delfay having passed by it as - nibud that I will not be engaged in it. But it became those three first things which I faced right there. But when I finished Delfay they became my strongest lines. That is, me has quite a rough time. But as a result I took great pleasure because it gave me very good tools for life.

I not ideal and far am not perfection. But here what such training gives you - you really begin to understand what you want. You know the purpose and go to it. That is you are capable to be face to face with a problem, not to run away, not to evade, and just to achieve that it was made. And it gives huge pleasure.

Now I want to you which - what to show. Here on a photo - summer, in the summer we here so spend time. Here I. It is rafting. I was responsible for all this big group of people here. Also in Delfay I learned how to be a photographer. Some of these photos (shows a poster, where more than two tens photos) were done by me. Then we made such here collage and created advertizing for advance of services.

And here that I have to tell you: Delfay completely changed me. That is I was a guy who used drugs, spent time on any parties, was that is called raunchy . Now I am at such level when I do others ethic. It is what I could not even think of that I will be sometime engaged in it. It was perfect for me unreal.