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Why mothers sing lullabies?

Modern mothers Everything is painted on hours, and the child lives strictly according to the schedule. Now mothers if sing to the child song lullabies, then only to put him to bed. And often instead of a lullaby the gentle music is just put, or the child falls asleep under a TV sound. In the modern world where shops are filled up with the developing toys very few people from mothers understand importance of a lullaby as development tools of the child and communication with it.

Meanwhile experts claim: people to whom in the childhood did not sing song lullabies are less successful in life and to a thicket have mental disorders. Psychologists conducted research during which they watched two groups of children. To kids from the first group of mother sang song lullabies, to kids from the second instead of lullabies just turned on the quiet music. Results were unexpected and impressive. Children from the first group were quieter, obedient, intellectually developed. Psychologists explain such results with several reasons. One of the most important is an establishment of the special emotional relations between mother and the kid. Mother, lulling the child, leaves far from his cradle all alarms and disorders which collected in a day, it is completely turned to him, heat and tenderness tells him the, tenderly strokes the kid. The kid perceives her intonations, a timbre of its voice, such native and favourite which gives it the feeling of heat and security very important for end of day and a quiet dream.

Lullabies are very important in the course of mastering the child the speech, therefore, in development of thinking. From what songs were sung to the child by mother and whether she sang them in general, character of the little person, his physical health, degree of its psychological stability depends. Besides, in a lullaby knowledge of the world which wakens in genetic memory is ciphered. To children who have a genetic memory not it is woken it is much more difficult to adapt in life and in society. They develop more slowly.

The authorship of this opening belongs to the Doctor of Philology from Tyumen Irina Karabulatova, long time of the song of the people of Siberia studying lullabies. The German physicians studying lullabies from the positions claim: if before operation to the patient allow to listen to a lullaby the song, the necessary dose of anesthesia decreases twice. Specialists of the Russian academy of medical sciences established that at mothers who sing to the children lullabies the lactation improves, and more close relations with children are established further. If mother regularly sings to the premature child, he will much quicker gain strength. At mothers who began to sing lullabies to the children till their birth displays of toxicosis were removed, the course of pregnancy was facilitated.

The Siberian people, on Irina Karabulatova`s supervision, through lullabies have a transfer of moral ideals from one generation to another. Considered earlier that infantile age - the most suitable for a mortgaging in the little person of moral bases. Singing a lullaby the song, mother codes the son or the daughter on the certain behavioural stereotype accepted in society. It causes socially acceptable behavior of the person further. It is remarkable that there is no lullaby of the song programming on failure or describing hopeless situation. Scientists explain with this factor statistics according to which the people who were falling asleep under lullabies on reaching adult age become more successful, than those who did not hear lullabies.

It is interesting that lullabies of a song of all people of the world have similar lines: high timbre, slow speed and characteristic intonations. But in the song of each people there are a lot of secrets : the philosophy and the outlook on life consists in them, accents in words submit to the rhythmic drawing, they reflect the generalized model of the universe of the people on which the child for the first time gets acquainted with the world.