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We go to theater with the child?

you decided to bring together the child in children`s theater? There are no problems - children`s theaters in Moscow much, it is possible to choose a performance for every taste. But, as soon as you think of it, you for certain have a mass of questions. First of all - from what age it can be done that it was not boring for the child and he understood everything. It will very important and undoubtedly affect its relation to theater further. For this reason it is necessary to approach the first visit of children`s theater seriously and responsibly.

It is considered what rather early to attach to theater of children till 3 years. They, most likely, will begin to be capricious, and the holiday (and for children such event, undoubtedly, is an unforgettable holiday) will be hopelessly spoiled. Since 3 years, children can be driven in puppet theaters on the performances put according to fairy tales well familiar to them. It is better to give preference to classical statements that the child had no temptation to compare various versions of the fairy tale and to show displeasure. By the way, we will notice that scenery are not less important for children`s perception, than a plot.

Very good reviews of the Moscow puppet theater which is on Bauman. The main audience of this children`s theater just is also made by children of 3 - 5 years. The most popular performances are Geese are Swans with a picturesque and unforgettable Baba-yaga, Mashenka and Bear Once upon a time there was at the Grandmother Tale of the fisherman and small fish . All repertoire consists approximately of 20 performances. Pay attention that in this children`s theater there is a remarkable museum of dolls and a doll corner in which it is possible to be photographed with the child against two compositions: on a bench with a big hare and behind a small fence with plants.

If you want to go to more chamber place, then safely go to the Theatre of Puppets which is near " station; Kuznetsky Bridge . The theater is designed for only 90 viewers that allows to create almost house situation during a performance. The lack of this children`s theater is that the hall in it flat that is the events on a scene are well visible only from the first rows therefore it is worth thinking of purchase of tickets beforehand. By the way, the cost of tickets makes 150 - 200 rubles here.

For children is more senior it is possible to recommend Puppet theater of Obraztsov, the majority of statements are designed for children of 5 years and school students here.

Very many praise RAYT (Russian Academic Youth Theatre) where there are such remarkable performances as Wizard of the Emerald city Dunno - the traveler The Adventures of Tom Sawyer . Your child by all means will value this theater according to the merits! The cost of the children`s ticket will make from 200 to 350 rubles here.

The separate mention is deserved by Theatre of Pushkin where it is possible not just to look at a performance, but also to feel in other time, walking on halls and considering ancient furniture (the theater was located in an ancient mansion). From the performances going in this theater It should be noted Scarlet Flower Treasure island . Tickets will cost you 80 - 250 rubles.

Except above-named, of course, there are also other children`s theaters: MTYuZ, Theatre of the Clownery of Theresa Durova, the Moscow Istoriko - Ethnographic Theatre Generally, in our city to parents is what to choose from.

For children from 6 years in Moscow in the territory of the All-Russia Exhibition Centre there is a remarkable House of Fairy tales Once upon a time there were where children are directly involved in representation. The house of fairy tales - the real two-storeyed palace of fairy tales in the Russian style with the attics and cellars. In it the set of ancient objects is collected: from distaffs and rolling pins to horse saddles and a harness. In the big hall of the fantastic palace children change clothes in suits of fantastic inhabitants, turn into fantastic heroes and together with favourite characters (Kot the scientist, the Cinderella and the Baba-yaga) go to travel according to fairy tales. For once this theater can be visited to 20 people, parents can go together with children, and can have a rest in cafe. In total in the House of fairy tales six programs - the dramatized representations calculated on different age. The cost of tickets - 200 rubles, it is necessary to call and register in representation previously.

The opera and the ballet are the most difficult for perception of children. To look at dance for two hours or to listen to the aria, practically without sorting words, it will become quickly boring for the small child, and next time he will agree to leave in theater not soon. Therefore on the opera and the ballet of the child it is worth conducting not earlier than when to him 8 - 9 years are executed.

If disturbs you that in an interval your child immediately directs in buffet, do not worry that high art is still inaccessible to it, just he perceives this campaign completely as one big festive event.

Viewing pleasant to you! Yuli Snegirev`s