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How to disclose the abilities and how to learn English?

On us since the childhood hang labels - this boy - the mathematician, this girl - the philologist. This child - the utterly worthless, spoiled squabbler. And this - pride of school. Having hung up a label on a neck, it is possible to cease to understand questions of manifestation of abilities of the specific person, and just to treat him as demands a label, and to demand what is meant by a label.

the little person begins to believe Soon that the label is it and that if it was called square, so at it indeed by only four corners. In the same way, on labels, teachers judge abilities of pupils, and those, trusting a skilled eye, develop in themselves those qualities which seemed to the senior companions existing.

Of course, it is difficult for school students to resist to such relation, but adults can and have to understand that the person can effectively be trained in anything, it is important to know the correct approach only.

such yarlychny representations speak - the foreign language cannot be learned in an adult state. But results of the students learning English on specially developed technology speak for themselves.

Here one example from life.

I studied English at school - as all this was difficult! I never managed to be in time behind the teacher`s explanation! It was intolerable torture. It seemed to me. that English - the most difficult language on light, and me never to learn it - So one schoolgirl described the attempts of acquisition of a foreign language. At school nothing was impossible. But here the school is graduated, study at institute behind, and work demands communication with foreign partners - where to disappear? Again to study English? Yes, but only having chosen the correct place. What happiness that I signed up for these courses! Here I, at last, understood even what remained misunderstood at school! And I can already talk! It appears, there is nothing difficult in this language, there is a wish to master all six levels quicker! - The review of the first level of training was it, and the result of examination of 87% from 100 speaks for itself.

This history is not unique - coming to study colloquial English, people without effort begin to talk - and, own words, but offers which are not learned by heart from dialogues.

Who will not remember school and learning of pieces of the text, offers, dialogues? Everything works - offers are learned, on couple those can already tell something to other people. And how to be if it is necessary to answer a question and to say the, but not learned offer? To vanish into thin air?

Fortunately, approach on courses of colloquial English Applied Education essentially differs from described above - here people from the very beginning learn to tell (correctly to formulate and say) own phrases - let in the beginning short and simple. But in several months these ducklings turn into white swans.

But, thanks to a simple and at the same time effective technique (however, all ingenious is always simple), people learn not only to tell the most important, but also to hear the interlocutor. perceiving aurally the foreign speech. And it is more difficult to develop this skill will be, than skill of conversation.

Spending 80% of time in conversation, the students visiting a course of colloquial English are trained both to speak and to listen and to write and to understand told and written. Already through five - six months (it if to begin to learn language from scratch) pupils talk in English. Easily and easy. And, even those who at school were never called by the philologist and even by those, on whom gave up as a bad job !

Just the matter is that having a large number of practice during occupation, students remember not rules, but bases of language, acquire language (it becomes for them, native). Speaking in English, they do not translate from Russian, and only invest thought with the English words and offers.

One student, having come to us to a course, so described the transformations happening to its idea of studying of English: At some moment it seemed to me that I understood something like that simple - simple. but at the same time awfully important. I understood that I can introduce the ideas both in Russian, and in English! It is tremendous! I do not think in Russian - talking in English, I think in English and I say the thought!

When someone who learns language makes such discovery - it is necessary only to be glad. It is that result which all teachers want to achieve, on whatever technique they worked. And if it was possible - it is possible to celebrate this event as a holiday. Any teacher, having mastered language, knows that his nobility means, and knows that this state is described quite so.

But to help to approach quickly such level only the correct technique is capable (including correctly and scrupulously executed during educational process). Techniques of effective training - here to stop thinking a way about itself, as about the unilateral person not capable to languages.

It is possible to learn language at any age, and to effective training everyone has abilities! Register in a free fact-finding lesson of a course of English of Applied Education, and you will be able to be convinced of it. Progress to you and disclosures to your Talents!

Aleksandra Zharikova,

teacher of a course of English

of Applied Formation of the CIS

P. S.

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