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How to enter the foreign market by means of the Internet?

If you only begin to master the export market, then the easiest to make it by means of the Internet which considerably simplifies

reduces the price and accelerates process of search of foreign partners, clients or investors.

The first step in this direction - creation of the website, its English version, indexation of the website in foreign searchers and registration in catalogs of a network. But many on it either stop, or pay huge money to the companies - raskrutchik, aspiring that their website got to mythical ten of the first on search queries in Google. It is amusing to watch virtual fights of the companies for the top ten. Such similarity Tsar of the mountain where the mountain is that a lot of money which these companies spend for becoming the king for a day. Think whether can come out in this competition by the winner new, to nobody the known, often limited in means Russian firm?

What to do? needs to be known about three most effective ways of advance of business abroad by means of the Internet.

The first - to translate to the website into languages of those countries on which your business is focused . The matter is that the number of English-speaking Internet users at the moment does not exceed also a third of total number of users (30%). Thus, the remained 70% (and agree, it is impressive part) and will remain unaware of your product or service. Even if the Spaniard, the Frenchman or the Chinese knowing English will encounter your website, it will leave it soon, even without having penetrated into a question essence as nobody will begin to sit and strain with the translation. Yes, to translate the website into several languages expensive, but it will pay off over time. Besides there is a way to reduce the price of this process, having addressed to firm which specializes in all translations at once. If your business has no accurate orientation in the geographical plan, having translated the website into eight the languages, most widespread in the Network (except English and Russian) - Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Italian, you capture 81% of users of the world Internet!

The second way - registration in foreign B2B - portals and resources that is favorable as advance of your goods and services happens without intermediaries. B2B marketing is the cheapest and effective decision in export business, and, above all will yield faster result, than long and expensive promotion on the Internet.

Necessary steps which need to be undertaken at B2B marketing, the following:

1. Find the largest B2B of the platform for chosen

of the country. Be registered on them.

2. Create a web - the website in local language if you yet

do not have it, add production to the Internet - the catalog of trading floor.

3. Offer production for sale on trading floor.

4. Constantly place offers.

5. Find the companies interested in acquisition

of production similar to yours and contact them.

The third way is not so much effective how many it is good concerning increase of reputation, an arrangement of trust of potential clients, and also is a quite good method of attraction on the website of target visitors. It is a so-called stateynyymarketing . Writing and the publication of news and a press - releases of the company in news blocks foreign business - portals will bring you not less desirable benefit, than localization of the website (transfer and promotion of the website in foreign resources) and registration of the website in B2B - portals. Remember that writing or transfer of your news and a press - releases should be trusted firms on which staff the translators familiar with search optimization, and also native speakers which duty includes editing and editing of the text taking into account linguistic and culturological factors of the countries to whom promotion of your business is carried out are. In practice it is not enough such firms and experts, and the illiterate translation can significantly affect prestige of your firm.

I wish success in your business!