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Selection of racks or shock-absorbers.

Selection is permanent a task not trivial. Sometimes it is necessary to know a lot of things about the car to pick up to it racks. For example, type of fuel system or existence of back disk brakes. But most often there will be enough also name of a body of a car.

With what to begin.? First it is necessary to choose the producer of your new racks. The main producers for Europe it is Monroe, Bilstein.

For the Japanese of KYB, TOKICO. But it does not mean that on the Japanese it is not necessary to put Monroe. In certain cases it can be the best decision, than put KYB. So respectively and on the European perfectly there will be KYB. What to choose., a question from other subject. In this article we will take two main producers of KYB and MONROE for an example.

Before ringing service, and to learn about replacement, pick up to yourself racks in catalogs. Not a secret that in our services very much specific relation to accessories. I will give an example. Last time, when I dared to address in service (I do usually at the acquaintance), the boot on the drive tore. And so, delivered me a boot not from my car, and the mechanic rested against all and said that it native, and perfectly will approach. As a result it was 2 - 3 cm shorter, and came off in 2 weeks, and still after that I went about a month so far noticed. Actually it approached, but a boot rubber, it lasts. So why not to pull? Here logic of service. Similar logic at many services. There are and many conscientious, the majority can even. But I prefer to make secure.

We will return to catalogs. There is a lot of last on the Internet, different grades and brands. I found a trace. (sslyk in sources) there is a normal selection, there are even special KYB series. They are popular at the loaded Japanese . If you awake to look for independently, consider, very first there will be American catalogs. From - for raskruchenost of the foreign websites they searching the first. But these catalogs are inapplicable to our market, there and cars others. And articles on racks differ.

Further we arm with sts`ky and we begin to select. We choose the necessary catalog, at the same time it is important to know if at you the pravoruky Japanese the catalog is necessary to you Japanese (KYB Japan, Monroe Japan). If your Japanese of levorukiya, then he most likely is made in Europe, excepting Britain of course. For such cars the European catalog will fit.

The algorithm of selection is simple, we Choose a bookmark with brand, there we look for model.

vin or number of a body will be the following criterion, most likely.

And also year of release, 2 - 4WD, a stake - in doors, the engine, etc. All designations are in the catalog. It is not difficult to understand. After chose, rewrite articles of forward and back racks (shock-absorbers) and everything is ready.

Only thing HO in this question there can be the fact that some racks are interchanged. There are universal models which approach many cars. And only professionals can know it. Most often these models are cheaper since are universal, also the price means them very much less, therefore. It is possible to call the specialized centers and to specify this question. On the Internet I yet anything, except the website mentioned above did not find (the reference in sources). There is an opportunity to leave inquiry on the concrete car, and after a while you will be answered by what racks will approach. What in principle, cancels the previous throwings with catalogs.

Plus on some cars to you already someone addressed everything and this info remained. Maybe at once you will find the necessary information. It is necessary to choose a car in the catalog and further a tab article of selection.