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About record of dreams

As most effective to remember dreams? Having learned to fix dreams in memory, it is possible to apply the experience got during a dream in the everyday life. It is necessary to remember each dream even if it seems uninviting, and in the most boring dream the answer to the tormenting question can be concealed.

When we wake up, memoirs are, as a rule, chaotic and obscure. Many symbols are forgotten, and the events lost from memory as it was already told, represent huge importance - without them the dream is not full and can be even distorted. In other words, having lost some images which dreamed you you risk looking through, interpretation of dreams in dream book will refer to incorrect interpretation.

So, we approached a question of importance of record of dreams again. It is necessary to fix dreams on paper also to track what images tend to repeat. Perhaps, you will notice that for several nights you dream the same events or symbols. It can demonstrate that your subconsciousness persistently tries to convey this or that information to you. Thanks to practice you will be able to achieve the fullest statement of the dreams and already several months later will notice that your records become fuller, emotionally rich and saturated. It will help you to understand better itself, to understand the feelings and problems worrying you. If you are in love and you are tormented by a question whether it is mutual, dreams are also capable to help. Be not surprised: subconsciously we feel how this or that person treats us, however we cannot understand by means of logical thinking it. It is easier for people with the developed intuition, they receive the subconscious prevention helping them to avoid mistakes. The same who possesses not too expressed sixth sense cannot understand at once whether this or that person is in love with them. Day experiences will be transformed to dreams to which also subconscious feelings are added. Therefore the correct analysis of dreams will help you to understand feelings of other people including the person interesting you.

So if you feel capable to describe the dream which dreamed you, you can start maintaining the diary of dreams. About how it is the best of all to do it, we also will tell in this chapter.

The most important is to adjust itself on storing of dreams before going to bed. You can even think up own ritual of withdrawal to a dream thanks to which the dream will better be remembered. For example, before going to bed it is possible to count up to ten (or other number), mentally inspiring in itself that you remember everything that will dream you.

Best of all memory works for dreams after awakening. If you get up not on an alarm clock, then awakening happens after the termination of a phase of a REM sleep when you have dreams. The morning dream the longest, its duration makes about 30 - 40 minutes. We also remember this dream after awakening.

More difficult the situation is with those who are forced to resort to the help of an alarm clock. If the dream is interrupted not at your will, then it is very possible that your dream will be interrupted, and you will not be able to remember it. It is quite probable that separate pieces will manage to be recollected nevertheless, however the integrity of a dream will be broken and many images are lost. Besides, there is a probability to lose reminiscence of a dream from - for thoughts of the problems and the forthcoming affairs arising right after awakening. Therefore the first task is to learn to wake up most, without foreign intervention, and having woken up, to adjust itself on reminiscence of a dream, but not to think of what needs to be made today. Perhaps, it will seem to you impracticable, but try to be trained at first on the weekend, during holiday or vacation. In this case you will constantly not be afraid to oversleep and will develop the most convenient for you a way of awakening. Waking up in certain time, you will be able to watch the dream to the end, and it, thus, will come to the end with a natural way.

Having wakened, you do not hurry to get up at once. Lie down without movements, wait until you are able to recollect all events of your dream. Do not think of day cares, work, study. Concentrate on a recall of the dream.

Creation of an optimum situation in your room - the room where you sleep is very important, it has to be aired always well, it is necessary to maintain temperature comfortable. If to you too cold or hot, it can interfere with good falling asleep, and it is very probable that in an adverse situation you will be tormented by nightmares. It is also necessary to limit receipt to the room of sound irritants - noise, voices from the street, a roar of cars etc. Nothing has to distract you from dreams.

The corresponding situation helps to remember dreams which dreamed you, if in the room it is silent, nothing distracts, then you are completely concentrated on the own feelings and emotions experienced in a dream.

It is possible to remember a dream as in a direct order (if you well remembered it and you can reproduce clearly and fully), and in the return when you remember an ending of a dream distinctly and it is easier for you to reproduce a dream back to front . If you best of all remembered an episode in the middle of a dream, then in the beginning describe it, then return to the beginning of a dream, and then, having remembered a bright fragment, move from it by the end.

If you, having woken up, remember only that you had some dream, and to remember it as you try, it is impossible, lie down several minutes without the movement. If you still cannot reproduce the dream in memory, distract from memoirs and mentally switch to something another. Think of the relatives, relatives, friends, acquaintances, remember any details concerning them. Reproduce the last meetings, conversations, talk in memory. Quite perhaps, will seem to you that this or that event connected with these people is familiar to you. Perhaps, you also saw this event in the dream. Concentrate on reminiscence, correlate it to the dream. Possibly, it will help you to restore details of the dream. Tying one images to others, you will be able to build all events which are taking place in your dream in memory.

Once again we will remind: having opened eyes, do not jump up from a bed at once at all. Having quickly changed situation in which you slept, you risk to break all memories of a dream. Lying, you can remember a dream better. And if it is impossible to reproduce in memory of a detail, just replace a pose in which slept. For example, turn over sideways or a stomach and again try to remember what dreamed you. It is very possible that in other situation you will be able to reproduce the dream in memory. Some dreams are remembered, only if the person lays down as lay when they dreamed him.

Sometimes the reminiscence of a dream comes to the most unexpected moment. For example, in the afternoon, working at the computer, you suddenly catch yourself that to you the fragment from a dream which you had at the night was remembered. In this case you should not banish reminiscence. If near at hand there are a handle and paper, as soon as possible write down the dream. Do not hope that you will be able to remember a dream later, similar memoirs long in the head are not late and thaw, like morning fog under sunshine. If then you also manage to remember something, then in the distorted look and it is indistinct, but is not as clear, as in improper time when you did not manage to record a dream on paper.

However the best time for record are the first minutes after awakening when you restored in the head of an event of a dream and are ready to write down dreamed. The person remembers the dream only directly at the time of awakening, then the reminiscence smoothes out and all what was seen is forgotten. If the person dreamed a nightmare, record can be not necessary - the bad dreams exerting so strong impact on mentality are remembered much better, than usual, and before the person there is rather a task to forget a dreadful dream, than to remember it.

An important condition of successful work with dreams are systematic trainings. Make diary entries of dreams a hedgehog - dnevno - and you will be able to develop at yourself ability fully and precisely to describe the dreamed dreams. It is the best of all to remember a dream blindly, so pictures of a dream will fly before your mind`s eye, and you will be able to remember what did not work well earlier.

In what order it is necessary to write down a dream? If the dream unusual, then registers all the most non-standard in the beginning, and then circumstances under which this event took place. For example, if dreamed you that you examine a picture or you read the book, at first write down contents of the book or a plot of a picture and then as you saw a picture where found the book etc. of

Always note if the plot of a dream repeats. Over it it is worth reflecting, dreams dream several times not casually, usually they warn about something or signal. It is useful for the dreams, and also the brightest and non-standard plots to give the exact and fully characterizing names, then you will be able to fix the most important and essential points of the dreams subsequently, avoiding excess and unnecessary details. Analyzing a dream, it is important to look for communication with real events which took place or will have to occur. In this case you will be able to understand own experiences and emotions more stoutly. As a rule, dreams are remembered worse by the people not inclined to show openly the emotions and feelings closed and unsociable. It is more difficult for them to reproduce a dream because they protect themselves from experiences. The same who well remembers dreams are more open and inclined to introspection. In the real life vivid imagination, the creative imagination and ability to storing therefore they have colourful and bright color dreams are peculiar to them. Lovers also well remember dreams as they have strong feelings and their experiences is brighter, than at other people.

As for a sex, women possess the best ability to remember dreams, than men. It is possible this results from the fact that representatives of a fine half of mankind much more emotionally, than a strong half. For women the main thing - feelings whereas men are most often aimed at successful career, material welfare, ambitious achievement of the objectives. Therefore women are interested in interpretation of dreams more, than men who consider various dream books as nonsense and confused pastime. Besides, waking up, men pass quicker to real life whereas women can wander still some time in a labyrinth of the experiences in dreams. A lot of things depend also on a way of life of the person. If every day it is necessary to jump very early and to gather feverishly not to be late for work, there is no time left for a recall of a dream. But also with such day regimen it is possible to find a way to analyze dreams, it is only necessary to define time in which awakening best of all allows to recall what was seen at night. If dreams take the important place in your life, you will not refer to lack of time for their record. As they say, who wants, that looks for a way and who does not want - tries to discover the reasons. Storing of dreams is spoken well that as a result not only memory improves, creative abilities of the person increase, but, strangely enough, also the general state of his health improves. Dreams have strong communication with real life, and the person who can control the dreams, fights against the difficulties arising at the time of a dream, can cope with the real, valid problems. To crown it all, it develops intuition and, analyzing dreams, it can avoid many mistakes in real life.