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How to improve a figure, having got rid of a stomach?

dream Of the smooth, elastic, tightened tummy any woman. Most cozy to us it is dreamed behind a cup of tea with buns and cookies. However there is an occasion to leave at last from - for a table and a decisive sports step to direct towards to the anatomic ideal - the new supereffective program of correction of a stomach!

Eternal three whales: food, care of skin and the movement

Feast without fat, sugar and alcohol. Pervo`s

- napervo needs to reduce amount of fats in the diet. It is considered that for maintenance of stable weight it is permissible to eat up to 70 g of fats a day. But so far as our task - somewhat quicker lime already available stock, we will reduce the portion to 30 g. Too especially you should not lean on sweet because sugar stimulates active production of insulin. And insulin, in turn, provokes false attacks of hunger. So do not tempt yourself without need. it is better for

to begin Any enterprise on the sober head. And fight against own stomach - not an exception. Besides alcohol interferes with destruction of fats. All the rest can be eaten and to drink, without being tormented. Is especially shown to lean on the products containing potassium, - restores vodno - a salt exchange and brings slags out of an organism.

Mochalkin blues for a stomach.

If we declared to a stomach war, it is necessary to arm. Roller masseurs with the silvered needles, brushes with wooden thorns, rigid basts from a loofah, mittens from sisal well stimulate blood circulation, and so, improve a metabolism. Only it is necessary to mass a stomach competently: roundabouts from top to down.

Blackberry - berry harmonous.

It is useful for b to indulge himself with a blackberry bathroom. We make 100 g of blackberry leaves boiled water (1,5 glasses), we insist 10 min. We add a glass of honey and 20 drops of lavender oil. We pour out mix in the prepared bathtub - optimum water temperature - not higher than 37 degrees. We luxuriate in fragrant water of 15 min., and right there in a bed - to sweat. We it will pickle


So, the stomach thaws as snow on spring. But treacherous skin folds remain, reminding of our former imperfection. Therefore from 100 ml of vinegar, 30 ml of alcohol and 10 drops of thyme oil we will prepare lotion which we will pound daily vigorously all body. It is necessary to begin with a foot and to finish with a chin. There will last lotion for about ten days.

the Compress on a press.

Ice wrappings around a warm, gentle tummy - br - r! In a disgusting way, but it is effective. We grease a tummy with gel from seaweed, we impose very cold gauze compress with seaweed, menthol and camphor. It is necessary to bandage a stomach as the touch is possible. We suffer at least 20 min. The optimum mode of procedure 3 times a week.

is higher the head, a breast forward!

It is right, it is awkward to remember such banalities, however let`s watch a bearing. The chin is raised, the stomach is pulled in, shoulders back, a breast forward. There is an excellent exercise toning a muscular corset. Legs at shoulder length, back direct, as construction plumb. Serially slowly we raise hands up - time on 10 everyone. We breathe deeply and pokoyno.

Breathe more deeply - you are excited!

They say that with experiences grow thin. On the contrary, stresses just slow down exchange processes. Therefore at the slightest signs of concern we take seat in a quiet corner, we close eyes and we try slowly, to relax all muscles of a body since a foot - we are blown off as a ball. there is no

a figure without physical culture.

We already exhausted our stomachs with both hunger, and cold, and acid. It is a high time to strike them with bicycle race. Aerobic loadings like driving the bicycle, swimming and jogging burn the maximum quantity of fats. For a start there will be enough two 20 - minute trainings in a week. Further gradually we increase the pace and duration of occupations.

Thanks to these rules, your waist will look ideally.